Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm back! And a pound heavier, too....

Today's the day! I'm so excited to re-open my Etsy shop! I can't tell you how much I've missed it. This week I hit the thrift stores -- hard -- and have some fantastic fabrics for new totes! I also have some new sketches for the recycled felt ipod cozies; a couple of manly ones, too. One other new idea I have is for a perfect gift for the high school graduate... to be revealed very soon. (I had one of these way-back-when, so I know how handy they are.

Here's a new listing for today:

And a few dryer sachets:

And look who's a pound heavier...

(Thankfully, it's not me.) In one week, little Owen gained a whole pound. So much for the fretting and worrying in last week's post! I just made sure to wake him if he was wanting to sleep through a feeding, and feed him as much as he wanted. No over-feeding. He's been more alert these last few days, and is practicing holding his big head up.

Monkey 5 (she's 6 years old) took our picture today.... a little blurry....

And three weeks old! These past three weeks have been a blur. Mostly due to interrupted sleep and trying, desperately, to get back into our normal rhythm. I just forget how much time a newborn takes.... rocking, snuggling, crying, eating.... for hours. These hours have flown by, though. Although I'm super-excited to be back at the sewing machine again, I have had to reconcile with the fact that my time there will be very limited for a while, and that's a good thing. Newborns have a way of making us slooooowww down, and enjoy the simple act of nurturing another (very dependant) human being, often at a large sacrifice to ourselves. And those sacrifices, in turn, help us to grow emotionally and spiritually. One of the many hidden blessings of a new baby.

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