Sunday, April 13, 2008

My last tote for now, a happy discovery, and sewing one's finger

I just finished up another tote -- my last tote until May. I am happy with the way it turned out, but sad to say it is the last of this cute Asian-inspired fabric.

I'm also a tiny bit sad that this is the last tote for a little while, as I have a (a-hem) small-ish pile of very cool fabrics to make more totes with. I'll have plenty of designs in my head by the time mid-May rolls around.

I made a fun discovery just now -- I was browsing through The Storque's latest articles, and found one of my totes in this article! I'm so excited! The article features clutches and bags made from recycled materials. This coffee bean bag is very cool. My thistle tote shown in the article is already sold, and I can't make another one... no more thistle fabric!

I'll be posting more tomorrow... my daughters and I have a date to sew some felt food tonight -- FUN! They all love hand-sewing and crafting. The oldest three also like machine-sewing. Well.... the oldest recently soured on the whole sewing-with-a-machine experience. She was sewing a pair of gauchos for herself, and somehow sent her fingertip under the needle, and it stabbed through her fingernail, and out the other side of her finger -- narrowly missing the bone. We all just stared at her finger, run through with a needle, stuck under the presser foot. "Was this even possible??" ran through my mind. My second-oldest daughter shattered the shocked silence with a blood-curdling scream, and I ran and lifted the needle from her finger. I don't have an industrial machine. I don't have a particularly strong machine, either. But apparently sewing one's finger is possible, and can happen. Take heed.

P.S. Oldest Monkey is fine now... .just a little leery of the sewing machine needle.

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  1. ack! i live in absolute TERROR of sewing through my finger. Glad to hear she's ok now!


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