Friday, February 29, 2008

A little bit productive

I managed to get a few things done today that I set out to accomplish. That always feels good... maybe because it's so rare!

I had a custom wallet order to make today for an amazing photographer, AriaImages. It was a lot of fun working with such a lovely print and for a sweet artist! Please check out her Etsy shop. Her prices are very reasonable, and the quality is top-notch. Check her out!

After I finished the custom wallet, I made a wallet for my shop:

I smashed my thumb while hammering the snap closures today. I couldn't find my heavy, "real" hammer, so instead, I used a weeny brad tack hammer (I don't know what they're really called.) Therefore, I thought I had to hammer extra-hard and fast to get the job done. Wrong. I just hit my thumb extra-hard and fast.

Even after that injury, I made a cute four-leaf clover pincushion, in honor of St. Patrick's Day!

It was fun to make, and also one of my earliest pincushion designs. I made my sweet sister one of these for Christmas a couple of years ago... her birthday is on St. Patrick's Day!

Tonight I'll be cutting out fabric for some more totes and zipper pouches. I also hope to work on some baby items. I'm participating in a Craftster swap, "Oh, Baby!" Preggo and Newborn Swap! I wanted to squeeeeze in a swap before the little one arrives. I haven't done one in quite awhile. I guess I got burned out (and flaked on,) so I took some time off from swaps. But I am so excited about this swap. This time, I get to craft for twin girls -- fun! I have many plans, have gathered up all the supplies, and am ready to go! I've come up with a sweet little item that I want to share on here soon. (Once I figure out how to post a tutorial with downloadable patterns, I'll pass it on to you!) Stay tuned!

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