Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shop Makeover -- with new photos! Part 4

FINALLY! I have finished my new banner and avatar, and am ready to unveil my shop's new look. But first, a before photo:
  • My old banner featured items that I have made, and materials (specifically, the bottlecaps) that I use. There were originally some paperback books in the background, but those got cropped out.
  • My old avatar was a cherry pincushion I made from a recycled bottlecap.
  • My item descriptions were long paragraphs.
  • I used only 8 - 10 tags on most of my items.

And now, for my shop's new look:

  • My new banner is comprised of the recycle emblem (0bviously), made from recycled materials I commonly use in my items.
  • My new avatar is a recycle symbol, made from recycled fabric.
  • My item descriptions are mostly bullet-points, for easy reading.
  • I updated my tags (more relevant, more thorough!)
  • I am working on taking brighter, better photos.
  • I updated my profile to include more detailed information about custom orders and shipping.

I would appreciate any comments/feedback on my shop's renovation.

I am currently working on new biz cards and packing materials for my shop that would better match my shop.

(Note: You can see bigger screen shots of my before & after HERE.)

1 comment:

  1. Looking fabulous! I love your new banner, that is so cool! I was thinking about doing the bullet points thing in my listings too cause I can get too wordy!
    Great job on the makeover!


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