Thursday, January 3, 2008

A couple of new pouches! And Shop Makeover, part 1

Made from recycled and/or reclaimed fabrics...

The cherry cell phone/ipod pouch is made from a recycled wool sweater (fulled by me.) The tropical pouch is made from a hawaiian skirt I bought at the thrift store (and thoroughly washed and cleaned!) I made one of these pouches for myself last summer, and it was perfect for all my makeup on our little beach vacation to Destin. Of course, these pouches can be found here.

As for the Shop Makeover, Part 1....

I have been following the recommendations in this Storque article, trying to tidy up my shop. It only took two hours (!!) to tweak all those tags. I also decided to bullet-point my descriptions (a suggestion I heard in a Virtual Lab shop critique once.) Hmmm... hope it was worth it!

Next, I need to work on my shop's avatar. In a recent forum discussion, it was said that my avatar gave the impression of being a shop for kids' accessories (such as hair clips or rings) or felt items. No recycling, no repurposing, no wallets, etc. I'm not sure what I'm going to change it to....

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  1. Love those pouches. I need to tweak my shop around too - thanks for the Storque link.


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