Thursday, December 13, 2007

Trip to the thrift store, wallets and more cookies

We made a short trip to the thrift store yesterday in search of black wool sweaters (again.) I did find one that was suitable -- it's in the washer now. I also found some purple, silky-looking fabric in a large baggie for $3. I thought it would make some good linings for bags or pouches, so I bought it. But imagine how surprised I was when I unrolled it at home, to find yards and yards of this:
This edge is the more ornately decorated border, and the other edge has a simpler, yet still lovely border. I don't think I can bear to cut it now. What to do??

I did manage to make a couple of wallets this afternoon...
This one is from a Mexican travel guide book. I love the bright colors! (Wow! It just sold! :) )This is another vintage Harlequin romance novel wallet. I like these. The artwork, not the books.

The Monkeys and I are still making cookies... one small batch of sugar cookies were baked and decorated last night. Those cookies are pretty much history by now. (I really should have remembered to take photos of the Monkeys at work!) I'm baking the last of the sugar cookies now. I have to admit that I'm always relieved when that job/tradition is over!
We use a wonderful sugar cookie recipe. This recipe, found in the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, makes sturdy-enough-to-decorate cookies, but they taste like they were made in the bakery. (If you do try out the recipe in the above link, I noticed it mentioned a tablespoon of milk... my version of the recipe doesn't call for that, so I wouldn't worry about it.)

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