Saturday, December 1, 2007

A really beat up wallet

I made another wallet the other day from a very old, apparently much-read book. I like the way it's distressed, and the artwork is interesting. I am just hesitating to list it, because it does look, well, distressed.

I have listed other wallets every bit as old and beat-up as this one, and they sold very quickly. But for some reason, I'm just not sure about this one....

On another note, I did list this little cuff yesterday! This was my first cuff to make, and it is made from a recycled wool sweater's cuff, and a sweet little pale blue felt patch. The embroidery thread was, of course, more rescued thrift store thread.

One of my little ones is ill, so we'll be home and resting all day long. I have been wanting to work on some totes soon, so today looks like as good a day as any. Hopefully I'll have one to post tomorrow!


  1. Hiya! nice to see you on here, I just started my blog as well! I need to add more links, like you have done.... a little at a time I guess! you all ready for First Monday sale?? I guess I will be by then.

  2. Nooooo... I'm nowhere near ready! Are you?

  3. I love this wallet and cuff! Hope the little one's feeling better.


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