Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My number 1 current project, and a few thrift scores

My most important project right now doesn't have anything to do with crafts or recycling. I just found out a little more about this very special project this morning....

It's a girl!

Monkey 8 is due around the end of April. We're so excited! This has been a fairly uneventful and healthy pregnancy so far, so I am very blessed with that.... I don't have much time to be sick or have any drama!

Now on to the thrift store...

I stopped by one of the thrift stores on the way home from the doctor's office, and they happened to be having a 50% off everything sale. Can't beat that! They didn't have too much that I could use for my shop -- just a few paperbacks.

The did have some amazing hardbacks that I had to snap up to add to our homeschool library, such as a new, unabridged Chronicles of Narnia, and a children's Mystery Hour book. (My older girls LOVE mysteries!)

They also had a lot of these baby girl sleepers!

I usually don't buy baby clothing at a thrift store, because they are so worn or stained, they aren't worth fooling with. But I did get lucky today! There were probably 30 baby sleepers without stains or even pilling, so I did buy several small baby girl sleepers.

I didn't get any projects finished today... I worked on another cell phone/ipod pouch (Dia de los Muertos), and then gathered supplies for my next special batch of wallets. One of my favorite people, who happens to be a very talented artist, and who also happens to be my brother, has designed some artwork to be made into wallets. A very limited amount of these wallets will be made. I can't wait to "unveil" them -- hopefully I can have a few done tomorrow!

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