Saturday, December 1, 2007

A brief introduction

I have been posting for a few months in my little blog on myspace, but I recently decided to make the move to a more "respectable" blogosphere... so here I am.

I try to post every day or so. My posts usually consist of my thrift store finds, projects-in-the-works, or completed crafts. Many of my projects are made for my Etsy store, In each of my projects, I use at least one recycled article in its composition. I enjoy making new, useful, beautiful items from recycled and/or throw-away things. I hate waste, and I love to repurpose and upcycle whenever possible. Occasionally, I would also like to feature fellow artisans, especially those that utilize recycled, repurposed, or reclaimed items in their projects.

Here are a few of my latest completed projects:

Granny Smith pincushion.... made from a recycled bottlecap and felt. I also used "new"-but-rescued-from-the-thrift-store embroidery thread for the stitching.

This is one of the new wallets I posted today -- a vintage western novel, made into a wallet or card holder.

I will post more tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by my first post in my new blog.

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