about me

Redhead, freckled.

Devout Catholic, praying sinner.

Native Texan, creative soul.

Sister to several, Mama to many.

Homeschooler, baker of pies.

Coffee sipper, sweet tea guzzler.

Fabric hoarder, seam ripper.

Lover of all sewing and all red shoes.

My real job. . . .

My real job is being the best wife I can be to my amazing, destined-for-sainthood husband of over 20 years.  I have much room for improvement, but lucky for me, he's a patient man.  Next, I strive to be a good mama to my brood of 10 little Monkeys, homeschooling them along the way.  They have taught me bajillions more than I could ever teach them, and I'm so very grateful to be their mother.

Now, for my other job. . . .

I LOVE creating handmade goods for the eco-minded.

And it all began with an old, worn-out paperback book.

I transformed that paperback into a wallet.  A very sturdy, very cool wallet.  I was amazed!  Something that was destined for the landfill was transformed into a "new" item that was once again useful, and pleasing to look at.  And I did it with my own two hands.  I HAD to try more!

I began seeing everyday items in a brand-new way:  a tote bag in an old pair of jeans, a purse in a cast-off skirt.  Thrift stores became fabric stores for me.  

I learned to see an old item's potential, and taught myself to bring that new life forward.  I've been reclaiming, recycling, and repurposing ever since!

Stewards. . . .

I believe we are all called to be good stewards of our resources.  We have been given so much, and yet, as a culture, we waste so much.  We must learn to reuse...
to mend. . .
to repurpose. . .
to reclaim. . . .
And I'm going to let it begin with me.

On this blog. . .

. . . you'll find my original tutorials and patterns. . . 

as well as reviews and referrals to other tutorials, pins and patterns that I've tried. I like sharing my sewing wins and fails, so you can learn from my mistakes, and maybe have an easier go of it than I did.  ;)  

I also post about my family from time to time:  babies, knees (it makes sense if you read the blog,) homeschooling, and headaches.  I'm so glad you're here, and I'm always happy and eager to read your comments.

Did you know. . . 

. . . that all of my Etsy shop proceeds are used to buy art supplies, books, curricula, field trips, and other various and sundry school supplies?  So when you support my shop, you are truly supporting handmade... and handmade education.

Thank you!

For inquiries, suggestions, requests, etc., please contact me at:
clcrawley {at} yahoo {dot} com

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