Friday, September 27, 2019

An engagement, a baby, and a hospital stay, in SQT

It's been a very eventful two weeks, as you can probably guess from the title. . .  in Seven Quick (and not-so-Quick) Takes.

1.  Our family is growing. . . .

We'll be having a wedding very soon!

These two amazing people are engaged, and we couldn't be happier for them!  We're beyond excited to welcome Joseph into our family.

2.  And more exciting news. . . .

The happy couple is having a BOY!  Definitely a boy.  None of that "surprise/just kidding" business going on.  I am so in love with my tiny grandson already.

teeny tiny baby toes

3.  A birthday. . . .

We celebrated Brendan's 21st birthday this week!  He's grown into such an awesome, caring, kind, strong, and funny young man, and I am so very proud of him.

4.  A new diagnosis. . . .

My husband begged me to see just one more specialist for my worsening headaches.  I finally agreed, and saw an UNCS certified headache specialist, who (miraculously) just happened to be local.

It turns out that I had been misdiagnosed again:  I don't have cluster headaches, and I don't have trigeminal neuralgia.

I do have paroxysmal hemicrania.

The treatment for PH is very simple, cheap, and it worked for me immediately. 

I also have regular run-of-the-mill migraines, so I'm taking Emgality injections to combat those (even though I failed Ajovy.)
It's working.
I have hope again!

5.  Is it gas, or is it appendicitis?

I started having constant, sharp pain in my lower right quadrant on Monday evening (five days ago.)  It just didn't stop.
"Maybe it's gas, or a pulled muscle?" I tried telling myself.

The pain worsened overnight, and continued to increase on Tuesday.  I still tried to rationalize the pain into something, anything, but appendicitis.

Why?  My pride.  I didn't want to be wrong, and I didn't want to be THAT middle-aged old lady in the ER for gas pains.

Silly, because when I finally, finally went to urgent care on WEDNESDAY (notice that it's still not the ER) I most definitely found out that I did not have gas nor a pulled muscle, and it most certainly was appendicitis.

I was told to go to the ER, and after celebrating Brendan's birthday (hello, procrastination) I begrudgingly went to the ER, and was admitted for surgery, scheduled the next morning.

A couple of hours before my appendectomy was scheduled, my surgeon suggested an alternative -- a newer, but proven, treatment plan:  bombard the infected appendix with antibiotics.  When caught early enough (which amazingly, mine was still considered early) it kills the infection most of the time.

I agreed to this much more conservative treatment plan, and so far, it's working!  I'm now home with my family (it's now Friday,) "resting," and will be taking big doses of antibiotics for the next several days.  I feel soooo much better already!  Pretty much zero pain.
And definitely no gas.

6.  A new tutorial. . . .

I made some sweet taggy toys for some special little babies arriving soon. . . .

And I made a tutorial for making your own!  Super-easy, fun, and quick to make!

7.  Some custom orders. . . .

Also over the past couple of weeks, I completed some custom orders. . . .

A sweet keepsake bear for a lovely customer. . . .

 a hand-embroidered note

and moveable legs!

Made from a swaddle blanket. . . .

I always use Purl Soho's awesome free pattern for these bears.

hand-stitching the head to the body

It's the second bear for this client; she wanted one for each of her granddaughters.

A mesh laundry bag for a sweet friend.  I based it on the fish laundry bags I make*, and just adapted the size and shape for this bag.

*I use Sew Can She's fish bag pattern.

A few custom banners for the lovely ladies at Fort Worth Fabric Studio. . . .

I got to use their fabric scraps to make them (eco-friendly!) and it was so much fun playing with their gorgeous fabrics!

 so pretty!

If you're in the market for some really gorgeous, high quality fabrics, check them out!  They are wonderful to work with, and their collections are just stunning.

This week, I have some hand-embroidered balsam sachets to make. . . .

. . . and I have some more baby sewing in the works! YAY!

AND I'll be enjoying these pain-free days like you can't believe. :)

Take care, and we'll talk soon!
I'm linking up this week on Kelly's blog, This Ain't the Lyceum, for Seven Quick Takes!  Come check out her blog, and all the other great blogs linked up!
P.S.... love the SHELF? (the coffee mug one....) Here's one very similar.  I love the whitewashed finish!

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