Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thrifty Thursday: spoon art painting project

Well, the last Etsy orders have been shipped out, the shops are closed... and it feels wonderfulllll.  I've spent the last few days cleaning, organizing, and purging junk after a fabulously fun, loud and hectic Christmas. (I hope yours was awesome, too!)  It's so refreshing!   While doing a little digital housekeeping, I came across some tutorials I had written, but never published.  A few needed a little tweaking --  a photo here and there, some edits, whatever.  So, I'll try to get those shared with you guys when I can!  I hope you enjoy this fun, super-easy project like we did.

these are hanging above my kitchen windows :)

This next little tutorial is a big departure from my typical sewing tutorials, since this features painting, but it still utilizes materials readily available at any thrift store for mere pennies ( = eco-friendly!) -- or even already in your own drawers at home: wooden spoons! If you don't want to use old wooden spoons, you can find new ones very cheaply, several in a bag for a couple of dollars, but I personally like the patina that the used ones have.  All the different colors and dents and textures -- and all unique!

Goodwill has half-priced color tags, so some of these would be even cheaper than marked.
Another thrift store I frequent will bundle-price, 
so an entire handful of these spoons only cost me 99 cents.

These can become puppets (my kids often played with their painted spoons!) or artwork, or used as holiday-themed decor. I plan to set spoons out at some of our gatherings, with paints and such, and encourage family and friends to paint if they so choose.  They can take the spoons with them, or hang them on our wall... an ongoing art installation.

I was initially inspired to make self-portraits with my kids out of thrifted wooden spoons and acrylic paints after seeing this artist's spoon people on pinterest. . . .

these are just THE CUTEST.

... but I never really got around to sitting down and formally saying, "hey, we're making ourselves into spoons."

So Time goes by, and for whatever reason, I decided that the 4th of July weekend (while guests were visiting) was the perfect time to set out spoons and painting supplies. . . .

And magic happened.

Kids and adults alike painted all weekend long.  
And when they ran out of spoons, they painted rocks.

People painted whatever they wanted.  Some left their spoons with us, and some took them home.
All of it made me really happy.

I posted a picture of these on instagram, and colleencmitch suggested painting poinsettias on them, and sticking them in plants and giving them as gifts -- like a gift tag.  What a neat idea!  (Thanks, Colleen!)

Now, the how-to. . . 

Gather. . . . 

** wooden spoons and utensils
** paintbrushes and such (these are perfect for all ages!)
** water
** paper towels
--->Be sure to protect your surfaces, clothing, etc.  Acrylic paint stains!

Choose a spoon.

Paint it.

We didn't sketch anything out, plan anything, nothing.  Just let the creative juices flow!

Let it dry.

Acrylics dry pretty quickly, so this isn't a long wait.  We didn't seal these, since we aren't using these for food, or getting them wet.

That's it!  Just have fun with it and don't overthink.

I'd LOVE to hear your ideas on this!  Leave a comment below... I read them all!

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