Sunday, January 3, 2016

Brendan's progress and Donovan's diet

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!  Ours was wonderfully loud and chaotic, as always.  I know I've been quiet here on the blog lately, and for that I apologize.  Here's a quick update on a couple of things that have happened since we last chatted. . . .

Brendan's progress. . .

waiting for the doctor last week

His progress since his leg surgery has been nothing short of amazing, that's for sure.

His healing and recovery process has been much shorter and more efficient than after his surgery last year on the right leg (which was still pretty impressive.)  This week, Brendan was released from all PT, and can go back to work, take driver ed (YIKES) and start playing a little golf when the weather's warmer.  No more braces, no crutches.  Not bad for having his leg rebuilt in September.

 before both quadricepsplasty surgeries


 look!  quads!  and they're where they're supposed to be!

I seriously wanted to cry with joy last week, when he told his doctor that his legs felt normal, for the first time, and that sometimes he forgets that he even had surgery on them.

The specialists can't give us a real prognosis for his legs.  His legs are so atypical, the doctors don't have a name for what's wrong with them.  All we can do now is keep him as healthy and fit as we can, avoid knee-injury-prone activities and falls... and wait.  I'm so grateful -- so, so, grateful for what we nave now -- I can handle that.

And then there's Donovan. . .

Without boring you with all the details today, Donovan's pediatrician recently ordered a grain-free diet for him, eliminating wheat / gluten first.  He said, "You might as well put the whole family on it.  Oh, and avoid nightshades, too.  Probably dairy, too."


That's our entire diet right there.  What the heck are we going to eat?!

Once I awoke from my state of shock and despair, I started researching and testing gluten-free recipes.  (It's a start.)  I've found that if I don't tell my family something is gluten-free, they usually don't even know the difference.  I always prepare gf foods for Donovan and Henry, but not always gf for the entire family.  I'm working towards all gluten-free for everyone.  It's a process. . . .

The switch hasn't been toooo bad.  It helps that I cook and bake from scratch most of the time any way (not very convenient, but it saves us a LOT of money) so swapping out ingredients, changing some preparation methods, and carefully reading labels hasn't been all that hard.

we even braved gluten-free Christmas sugar cookies.  they were quite good!
and subbed it into our regular cookie recipe.

But I do make mistakes... like forgetting to check a label, or accidentally cross-contaminating.  I'm finding that there's definitely a learning curve.  If you have ANY suggestions, recipes, links or comments on the whole gluten-free thing, I'm all ears!

I'll talk to you tomorrow!  BIG announcement coming!


  1. Going gf is daunting but doable. It adds so much to the grocery bill! Good luck!

    1. You're so right, L, on all accounts! ;) We're figuring it out, step by step! Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by!


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