Monday, January 4, 2016

AcornKid is here!

Time for that big announcement!

I've been sewing for kids for a while, and getting paid for sewing for kids for several months now.  I LOVE IT.  Don't get me wrong... I very much love my eco-sewing gig and am not quitting that in any way any time soon.  But there's something about clothing the little ones that makes my heart so happy.
I love seeing my kids wear clothes that I make for them, especially when said clothes complement, not hinder, their activities and imaginings.

Last summer, I made up some madras shorts for the boys.  They became Donovan's favorite pair. . . .

And the shorts not only survived this child, they're in good enough condition to hand down to Henry!

I also sewed for a local business this past year, as well. . . .

Now, for simplicity's sake, you'll be able to order and purchase shorts, pants, skirts, dresses and aprons for your wee ones (and not-so-wee ones) through my new Etsy shop, AcornKid!  The outfits and clothing I'll offer will be produced in very limited numbers, custom made with each order.

I'm also accepting custom orders for keepsake patchwork pillows made from baby outfits and swaddling blankets. . .

and keepsake memory teddy bears, also made from baby clothing or blankets. . .

 handmade from flannel baby blankets

the sachets in the foreground are rice heating packs, 
also made from the blanket scraps. (I love special requests!)

I'm quite open to custom orders -- I love the ideas, projects and creations that my customers dream up!  

So, I'm really looking forward to this new endeavor, in this new year!  I hope you'll join me on my AcornKid facebook page for news and updates!

Talk to you soon!

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