Saturday, October 31, 2015

I let go for a happy Halloween

Every year, my Halloween duties get lighter and lighter.  As my children age, they like to plan and make their own costumes. . .  and I like to let them.  When my children were all very young, I stressed for daaayyyys, sometimes weeks, making elaborate costumes for each child.  It was insane.  I was crabby.  And it was all about me.

Now, I've let go.  As they make their own costumes, we're all much happier, less stressed, and we enjoy the holiday so much more.  If asked, I'll help:  maybe sew some felt masks, or help with their hair styling.  This year, I made exactly one nerdy bow tie, one pirate's eye patch, and two ninja belts (which consisted of two strips of fabric cut from old t-shirts.)  Oh, and one infinity scarf for my daughter to wear to work this morning. . . .

This scarf was INSANELY easy.  Like, I didn't even use scissors.  I literally ripped the fabric.  And it only has two seams to sew.  I made this in about 5 minutes, while she was getting ready for work this morning.  I don't know why I haven't made a thousand of these.  Check out the tutorial!  Super-duper easy!

Well, there is ONE more thing. . . .

But this doesn't technically count as a costume, and it was no big deal if I didn't get them made. . .  

I figured they'd make cute jammie pants after Halloween, too.  ;)

little cheese.

Henry will be recycling a Yoda costume that his brother Donovan wore when he was one year old.  (Henry's quite tiny.)  And yay for recycling! We'll be going trick-or-treating this evening, a first for a few of the kids.  Should be interesting!  Wish us luck!  

Well, time for me to go.  I'm going to see if anyone needs their hair combed or ninja belts tied.  Otherwise, I'll be sitting back, enjoying them enjoying the night.

I hope you have a wonder-filled, safe Halloween!

Talk to you soon!

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