Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scrappy: making potholders

I desperately needed potholders.  I can't even show you my old ones, because I didn't have any.  I threw them all away in disgust months ago and have been limping along with dish towels ever since.  Which is sad, because I bake and/or cook almost every single day.  Seeing all the pretty patchwork potholders on pinterest (say that three times fast,) I was finally inspired to scrap-bust and whip some up for my own kitchen!

Now, I really should have looked at some actual patterns, or at least browsed some tutorials first, before I started, but I didn't. I completely winged it and guessed at measurements, and my potholders turned out a little narrow, but they're better than a flimsy dish towel any day!  They still work fine, even if my stitches are a little wonky and imperfect. . . .

And by the way, if you're drooling over those chocolate cookies, you should be. Those are Texas sheet cake cookies and OH MY GOODNESS they taste just like the real thing.  I was a total skeptic and now I'm a total believer.  Go make them.  Now.  I'll wait.

Ahem.  Back to the potholders.  They're cute. . . .

and they'll bust a little fabric scrappy stash. . . .

Here's how I structured my potholders:
-- top: patchwork (scrappy) layer
-- fusible fleece (fused to patchwork)
-- Insul-Bright
-- fleece
-- bottom: plain scrap fabric

NO heat is going to break that barrier!  :)

fusible fleece remnants

I sandwiched Insul-Bright between the fusible fleece and some regular fleece for the bottom layer.  I don't think the Insul-Bright is necessary, but I had some on hand left over from a project from years ago, so why not use it?

I used thrifted bias tape for the edges.  I buy brand new packages of bias tape at the thrift store for literally pennies.  I'll never, ever run out of bias tape.

These work great for me, and used up a tiny bit of stash, but next time, I'll try one of these cute patterns.  You should give one a try, too!  Perfect for a weekend project or a quick gift!

by Felicity Quilts

by Stumbles and Stitches

by Jenny Ryan

by Miss Mary Sewing Classes

by Nancy Zieman

by My Girl Thursday

by Martha Stewart

And one more. . . no picture, but be sure to check out this really cute, really good tutorial for simple quilted potholders with binding.

Have fun, and talk to you soon!


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