Thursday, February 5, 2015

Updates all around

First, a Brendan update. . . .

sunrise on I-20

We traveled to Dallas last week for Brendan's follow-up.  Heading out well before dawn, we made the trip there and back in a day, with Henry and Matthew tagging along.  Henry doesn't like to sit still, but he enjoyed himself, just the same.  And miraculously, NO migraine for me at all.  My ears did their weird roaring thing when we got home, for about 12 hours, but no head-splitting pain, so I'd call the trip a success.

one of our many stops along the way, 
so Henry could stretch his little legs

We met with Brendan's new orthopedic surgeon (his other surgeon retired in December) and we were impressed with both his bedside manner and his credentials.  I like that he has very similar (if not the same) treatment philosophies as the other surgeon.  His other surgeon is still involved in Brendan's care as a consultant, and he, as well as the new surgeon and physical therapists, all continue to be amazed by Brendan's progress. . . .

He's completely off of his crutches now, and by tomorrow, he'll be out of his leg brace for good! 

The doctors are already discussing a quadricepsplasty for the other leg, perhaps in a few months.  I think we'll be ready, as we now know a little more of what to expect.

Sewing updates. . . .

I've managed to sew a bit in the evenings and on the weekends.  Here, I collaborated with my oldest daughter, Emily, on a messenger bag for COLLEGE.  Did you read that?  My baby is in COLLEGE.  *sigh*  Anyway. . . .

This messenger bag is made from reclaimed khaki pants, a super-frumpy suit jacket, and some rescued pink striped cotton.  Heavily inspired by this bag, I made the basic applique on the flap from felt and the suit fabric, and Emily embroidered all the details.  She loves it!

I've finally finished two (of the four) diaper bags.
Sorry about the crummy pics. . . .

These bags are made from an out-of-print Michael Miller baby print, lots of vintage linens, and some cotton quilting prints. Both are lined with gorgeous blue vintage linens.  Very sweet!  My sister-in-law loves hers (the top one,) and the second one will be listed in my shop shortly.

For my sanity, I took a little break from the diaper bag marathon to whip up a little messenger bag. . . .

sneak peek!

It's almost finished, and it's destined for my shop when it's done!  :)

And since it's February. . . .

Join us on instagram for The Idea Room's monthly photography challenge!  Fun fun fun!

I'll be back next Thursday with a new installment of sewing with thrifted materials.   Hopefully I'll be posting here before then, but meanwhile be sure to check out the sweet new tattoo heart tutorial that I posted yesterday!  :)
Talk to you soon!


  1. I am so glad to see you posting more. I've enjoyed your blog for about 4+ yrs. the messenger bag is fabulous. and the kiddos grow up so fast. when I started following you, my daughter was graduating HS, she's now graduated college and has been married for a year. :-)

  2. I just commented that I have been following your blog for 4+'s more like 7+ yrs. wow...times flies! :-)


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