Sunday, January 11, 2015

A late Happy New Year, and an update

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  I've tried posting here a couple of times since we last spoke, especially while Brendan was in the hospital last month for PT, but the hospital's wi-fi was spotty, and then we got home and Christmas happened, so... here we are, a month later!  Let's jump in!

Brendan update. . . .

Brendan's progress and healing is nothing short of miraculous.  His muscles fired immediately, like within the first 5 minutes of PT!  The specialists were expecting almost a week of work before that even happened.

the first day of PT

And to see his knee function like it's supposed to. . . no subluxing, no weird tracking, no giving out. . . I cried a little.  It's a beautiful thing. . . .

He also had some fun while he was in the hospital, including meeting some of the Dallas Cowboys.  (The cheerleaders were there, too, but he had no interest in meeting them.  haha!)

I was very impressed with how the athletes interacted with the children.  They were so patient, and very kind.  They took time to speak with each child as they came through the line, and gave them each autographs.  Kudos, Cowboys.

Brendan was able to complete all of his goals by Wednesday -- the 3rd day of PT!  So we were sent home a week and a half early, with Brendan ordered to continue PT at home, building strength and endurance.

He does all of his workouts, three times a day, without complaint or being asked.  He works very hard, and yet has had almost zero pain; unheard of for that type of surgery.  Miraculous.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  We truly feel them, and appreciate them!

Christmas came roaring through. . . .




As for sewing. . . .

I sewed one toy.  ONE.  I made a big denim ball for Henry, on Christmas Eve. . . 

. . . cut from his brothers' old holey jeans.

The ball came together VERY quickly, using The Purl Bee's free pattern and tutorial.  (I enlarged the Large option to make it even bigger.)  He loves it.  I need to make more. . . .

makes a good seat, too.

Now with hospital admissions and holidays and too many cookies over and done with, I'm hoping to post more regularly.  Thank you for your patience, and I hope you have a wonderful week!  Talk to you soon!

~~~ Oh, yeah!  I'm participating in The Idea Room's photo-a-day challenge again!  Come see me over on Instagram, or search #theidearoom to see all the lovely entries.  Hope you'll join us!


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