Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let the baking begin!

December 4:  silver

Today's the day we dust off the cookie cutters and vintage baking tins:  holiday baking begins!  We'll be baking all month long, but I wanted to get a couple of cookie batches made before we leave for the hospital this weekend.  I always use the sugar cookie recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for our cut-out Christmas cookies.  

They're buttery, sweet, not too soft, and have a nice, crunchy crumb.  I've been using this recipe for about 15 years now, and it's never failed me!  Behold, cookies of Christmases past. . . .

As for the vintage cake tins, I used to bake tiny banana nut breads in them.  But a couple of my kids have since developed severe allergies to bananas, so zucchini breads will take their place this year!  I love this recipe, also a BHG recipe. . . .

And also tonight. . . .

We baked pretzel bun hot dogs for dinner.  They're soooo good!  The pretzel buns are not a quick and easy meal, if you make the pretzel dough from scratch, but they're definitely delicious and worth the hassle.  

Although, I will admit, I usually skip the baking soda bath at the end.  They taste just as good, in my book, and no one even noticed when I skipped that step.  YUM!

Do you bake during the holidays?  What is your most favorite baked holiday treat?  Please feel free to share recipe links to your blog, pin or recipe!

fairy drops, another fave around here!

Talk to you soon!  Happy baking!


  1. It's been years since I've made homemade pretzels and I am sitting here wondering why. They are SO delish! I can't imagine the wondermous-ness of it wrapped around a hotdog. ;) Will definitely have to try that. Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. One of my favorite holiday treats is something really simple, called Melt grandma always made them and I think of her. A powdered sugar "cookie" that seems to melt in your mouth. I'm sure you've had them.

  2. You really should give the pretzel dogs a try! I doubled the recipe, so I had enough left over to make regular soft pretzels. I dusted them cinnamon and sugar, and the kids gobbled them up for dessert!
    I have had Melt Aways... soooo good! I may have to add them to the baking list! Thanks for reminding me about those. :)


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