Friday, September 19, 2014

I have Something to say

Did you know that when I was younger, I wanted to be a writer?  Writing came easy for me, and I loved everything about it... the brainstorming, the organizing and planning, the spilling over of words and colors and ideas onto paper / computer screen, and the rush of it all coming together.  Even the ruthless editing!  LOVE!  I shared that dream with one of my daughters yesterday, and she asked me why I never wrote anything.  I thought about it a minute, and shrugged, "I never had anything to say."

I never had anything to say.

Liar.  I mean, you're reading this, now, on a blog, so that's something.  But does it have to be epic and life-changing, the great American novel, to be something?

I'll be honest.  I started this blog, years ago, because someone told me it would help my brand-new business.

I kept blogging, because it helped me find my voice that I didn't know I had.  

Then I kept blogging because I met and connected with some super people:  you, my readers.

And then I sorta blogged, because I had to.

And then I half-assed blogged, because I thought it would save my shriveling business.

And now I never blog, because I have nothing to say.

Or maybe I don't blog because it's hard, and there are hard things to say or see or look at with honesty and sincerity, and I don't feel like saying or seeing or looking, at least not here.  I reckon most others don't, either.

I reckon people want pretty and easy, even if it's not really real.

just some stuff for our classroom

this used to be my sewing room.

Is there a reason to blog about real?  Because this is real:

the genius idea to mini-renovate / shuffle 3 rooms. at once.  
which includes moving my sewing room to a detached building.
days before company was expected to arrive.

And this:

the "before," of where my sewing room was moved to.

 in transition / pit stop in the dining room.

 the "after," in all of its hoarder-themed glory.

And this:

just breakfast.  cake for breakfast, but still.

and let's not forget this:

my daughter's recent car accident, where she flipped a truck 
with her little Camry.  they walked away relatively unscathed.

we're big toyota fans now.

So if you're still here, and still reading, I'm going to blog real for awhile.  Because my life is about to get REALLY REAL, and I don't have the energy for any fake-ass pretty blogging.  So be warned. Maybe I'll see you soon.

I hope so.


  1. It's good to hear from you, Connie - I know what you mean! I was debating today on whether to delete my blog. I never write in it! Still don't know what to do. Hugs to you! I use your bags as my only knitting bag - they're holding up beautifully. :)

  2. Still reading - and had been wondering about the surgery. Bring on the real!

  3. The best thing I read was "ass". Thank you for your reality!

  4. This is the first time I have seen your blog and actually was looking at the entries over the years and quietly wondering why the decrease.

    I followed this from another blogger linking to our wallet which I am excited to make.

    I am excited to read future blogs. Real is good.


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