Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Pants Gone Crazy

I think I went a little bit overboard with the baby pants.  Once I started choosing fabrics, I couldn't stop!  I still want to make some little red plaid flannel ones, a houndstooth pair, a few pairs of soft denim pants....  SEE!  Out of control!  

I used The Purl Bee's free Baby Pants pattern and tutorial to make these darlings.  I made these in the 0-3 size, but plan to download and make the larger sizes as time allows.  I will say that this pattern is a bit tricky, in that it recommends (and requires) A LOT of pinning.  I almost never pin if I can help it, and I probably used 30 pins every time I pinned the baby booty gusset.  I didn't care too much for that part, but the end result is so darn cute, I think it's worth the extra work!

 left:  reclaimed green linen (from a ladies' skirt) 
right:  reclaimed grey striped cotton and grey oxford gusset (both from men's shirts)

I was able to use all fabrics from my stash.  The only thing I had to purchase was more 1/4" elastic for the waistbands.  I actually left a little almost-unnoticeable gap in the waistband seam, so I can adjust the elastic later if need be.

Michael Miller rubber ducky cotton (discontinued) 
with mustard Walmart quilter cotton fabric gusset

reclaimed cotton gingham gusset (from a men's shirt)

reclaimed pinstripe cotton (from ladies' pants) and 
reclaimed polished cotton paisley gusset (from a men's shirt)

Now this next pair caused me much elation, and then much grief.  I was SO happy to find the perfect vintage fabric pairing!  Only to realize.... that I cut the gusset piece UPSIDE-DOWN.  WHAAAHHHHH!  I almost cried for real!  I didn't have enough fabric to re-cut it, so upside-down it is!

vintage grey suiting with vintage cotton tree print (both from FreeCycle)

And this fabric.  THIS FABRIC!  I didn't even know I owned this fabric, until I did an epic clean-out of my sewing room a couple of months ago.  It came as a freebie (!!!) from a seller in Japan. . . years ago!  I wish I could remember who sent it, as I would thank her profusely for this crazy-cute print. . . .

japanese cotton print with Walmart quilter cotton gusset

I now feel confident that my soon-to-arrive baby will have plenty of pants for the first couple of months.  ;-)

Up next on the machine. . . .

I've decided on the style, shape and size of my diaper bag.   I'm going to use the QAYG method, like I used here. . . .

(By the way, Sew, Mama, Sew! has a wonderful tutorial for this patchwork / QAYG (Quilt As You Go) method.)  As for the fabrics, I'm leaning toward these at the moment. . . .

This is hard.  
Wish me luck!  I'll post some in-progress photos soon.  See you then!


  1. I'm so jealous of your AMAZING stash!! These all turned out SUPER cute- I love all of them!!!

  2. Oh my! So darn cute! Gotta say I love the grey pinstripe and the mustache pants!

  3. Thank you, Sister! I've told you that you can come shopping in my stash any time you want. :)
    Thanks, Liz! I love them, too... and they're so soft. Can't wait to see my little guy wearing them!


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