Tuesday, October 15, 2013

37 weeks and a wee bit of sewing

We're getting close, folks.  Nesting, that magical last-minute push of elusive energy, has finally kicked in and I'm squeezing myself behind the sewing machine for one last hurrah!

I fell in love with these adorable newborn-sized harem pants, over on The Alison Show blog, and decided that our soon-to-arrive bambino needs a pair.  I cut up one of my teen's discarded cotton tanks, and transformed it into this. . . .

I used the tank's bottom ribbing for the cuffs and waistband on the pants.  SO EASY.  I had enough fabric left over to make a tiny hat, too.  (I used this super-easy free hat tutorial from the Zaaberry blog!)  The onesie applique was just a simple eco-felt applique, inspired by the one and only. . . .

you had me at meat tornado.

I have a long list of projects to make and sew before the baby arrives *cough*nextweekend*cough*, half of which will not be made.  OK.  Who am I kidding???  80% of which will not be made.

But that's OK.  I have to prioritize, and my top priority is making myself a very sturdy diaper bag.  With Donovan, I had wanted to make a diaper bag, but then somehow lost the fabric.  I providentially received a lovely, expensive diaper bag as a gift.  I loved the style and size -- it was perfect!  Except for the fact that it started falling apart after just 2 months.  The lining began to separate from the bag, the pockets tore, then the lining opened up. . . .   I've decided that since the bags I sew never seem to die, I'll just make myself a simple one, tailored to my own specific needs.  Largish, several pockets, zipper closure.  No Weekender, mind you.  Simple, functional.  I'll be starting on the bag tonight, right after I finish the hems on these baby pants. . . .

This sweet pattern is from The Purl Bee, also free, and also adorable!  I'll post pics of the finished pants tomorrow, as well as some in-progress shots of the diaper bag later this week.  See you soon!  :)


  1. I thought that 'Stache looked familiar!

    Can't wait to meet the new Monkey! Hugs!

  2. LOL, Liz! I still have plenty of the stache fabric.... Monkey 9 might get a pair of pj's soon. ;) Hugs for you, too!


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