Saturday, May 25, 2013

What I'm working on... plus a little Memorial Day Special

I'm working on a new patchwork bag for a lovely friend of mine.  Or trying to work on a bag.  But I'm absolutely stumped.  I'm usually inspired by the fabrics I use, but this time... nada.

Now they're just making me mad.  I keep telling them that THEY WILL BECOME A BEAUTIFUL BAG, WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT, but they're just not listening.


I don't have much time for anything right now; not sewing, not cleaning, not schooling, not blogging.  Did I mention that two of our vehicles broke down in one week?  Like, BLOWN ENGINES broke down?  So right now, I'm the Default Taxi Driver of our 12-passenger Church Bus, our sole method of transportation for three hard-working teens and a super-hard-working hubby (who works in the nearest town over.)

 My teens contribute mightily to this mess. . . . 
I think they've mistaken my van for a rolling dumpster.

My big weekend plans are to. . .
  1. Clean out rolling dumpster van.
  2. Clean house, also nearing dumpster category.
So much fun!  ;)  I hope you have some fun plans this weekend, and get to enjoy some time with your loved ones.  Be safe!

And that little special I mentioned. . . .

I'm having a little special in my Etsy shop this weekend:  FREE SHIPPING for domestic orders!  YAY!  Just use coupon code MEMORIALDAY at checkout to receive this special offer.  
(Good through Monday, 5/27/2013)

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