Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! and WTHN?

Baby Monkey helping me sort the good-luck black eyed peas

I don't usually do resolutions, mostly because I forget about them halfway through January.  Or get discouraged.  Or think of a million excuses why I don't / can't / won't follow through. 

This year is no different.  No resolutions for me!  However. . .

I am in need of a major attitude adjustment.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the areas of my life that bring me the most stress, most chaos, or just headaches in general.  They break down into three categories:

My weight.

My housekeeping.

My homeschooling.

Now, in each of these areas, I tell myself I CAN'T.  For example, "I can't lose weight, because I'm too tired to work out, or I slept too late to work out, or I waited too long to work out."  REALLY? 

my always-ready walking / jogging partner

Or how about, "I can't keep the house neat and orderly, because I have baby tornadoes following me around all day, undoing anything I might tidy up, so why even bother." 

Let's try another: "I can't homeschool very well, because it's boring, and I suck at it."  Such ugly lies I tell myself.  And the sad part is. . . I believed the lies.

Until about two months ago, and a light bulb came on.

At that time, I suddenly decided that I wanted to run a 5K in the upcoming year.  I started listening to a C25K podcast, and I finished, no, SURVIVED Week 1.  This may not sound like much to many of you.  But imagine a 200+ lb woman, jog-dragging her fat ass down the street, sweating, panting for dear life's breath... and smiling.  Because she didn't collapse, or die.  And because SHE DID IT.

 me, smiling and not dying

You see, I did something I never, ever thought I could do:  run.  Even if it was for several 60-second intervals, it was something I had never done before!  It started me thinking that maybe I could do hard things, tackle tough hurdles, finish unpleasant tasks.  And little by little, I'm learning to believe that.  Instead of I CAN'T, I'm asking myself,


Now, as soon as the lie-filled "you're not good / smart / thin / pretty enough" track starts to run through my brain, I stop it.  Right then.  Instead, I immediately ask myself, "why not?"  And I find that there is no reason, no excuse.  So why the hell not?

of course, I had to add a crafty element to this... and make myself a motivational t-shirt
(freezer paper stencil, Speedball screen printing ink)

So while I'm continuing to work on my weight and fitness (I've lost 16 lbs so far!) I'm also going to focus on keeping my house more orderly and clean, and diving in to our homeschooling head-first.  I'm going to educate myself on housekeeping, organizing, and planning.  I'm going to stay flexible, and open-minded about it all, too.  No perfectionism allowed!  I'm going to apply my brain to educating my children better, staying engaged and excited about learning, and maybe even learn a few things myself. 

Hmmmm... those sound suspiciously close to resolutions.

Do you make resolutions?  What are yours for 2013?  (And again, HAPPY 2013!)


  1. 16 lbs already! You ROCK! :D

    I have a few crafty goals but my own personal goal is to drop 2 sizes. I managed to drop 1 size in the past 6 months or so without changing my diet, simply by working out regularly. Now, I plan to engage in more mindful eating. :)

  2. Great job Connie!! You have to give yourself more credit!! You have a beautiful family and are an amazing woman. I am proud of you!! Keep up the positive work....you are an inspiration to so many other women!

  3. Awesome! This is very inspiring! I am with you on not believing the lies. They just keep us trapped in inaction--and that's why things don't happen!

    Sure wish we lived closer. I would love to have a running partner! :) This spring I want to do a 10K and then a 1/2 marathon by December.

  4. I am so proud of you... I am so lazy and exercising has been on my list every single year...and every year I have failed. You inspire me :)

  5. You go girl! I'm kinda doing the same thing. I think we surf the same waters, you and I. ;-)


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