Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Duffel, and the 1,400 Mile Journey

I am happy to report that for the first time since early October, every single Monkey in the ReFabulous household is healthy and well!  First it was the flu, then a stomach bug, and then a knock-out ONE-TWO punch combo of more flu and more puking.  ALL of the kids.  Well, except for Monkey 2.  Yes, the one with the weakened immune system.  Yeah, I don't get it either.  But anyway....  With the kids well, and a little sleep logged. . .

I'm finally able to reveal the story of...

Our Eldest Monkey embarked on a long journey (an internship)

to live and be at one with nature (camping and living in tents)

for the benefit of her great nation. (CCYC, working in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service)

By the sweat of her brow (hard labor, actually)

she earned her keep (food and a little cash)

as she explored magical western lands. (Utah)

Several fortnights pass (8 weeks)

as fences are mended and trails blazed (fences were mended and trails blazed)

and the War Against the Russian Olive ceases. (invasive plants obliterated)

The young nomads wander, stumble (truck broke down)

as life deals painful, yet valuable lessons (paid for broke-down truck)

and once again life settles and calm ensues.  (basecamp. ahhh.)

All the while, Eldest Monkey's earthly possessions are safely cradled (crammed)

made from vintage linens and thrifted / rescued fabrics

a dozen pockets on this bag!

into the sturdy vessel, a duffel, crafted of love, of tears (really)

and travels over river and forest, mountains and plains (that's real, too)

 stuffed with two queen-sized pillows in the photo above

and through sun and wind and rain and snow. (yep, real)

O, yea, a little worse for wear, but a character infinitely blossomed .  (OK, a couple of tears at the handles of the bag... but my lovely daughter is perfectly fine and growing into a strong young woman.)

poor design on my part... next time, the handles will be attached lower

But ready for the next adventure.  (mama's not, though....)


  1. Oh, the Motherly love/pain of it all! But what a joy to see them grow and mature. Into the world they go and WE are blessed. She is the branch on the Father's vine, reaching out to others. (such a little monkey all grown up)!!

  2. You said it perfectly, Lulu. <3 It's so hard, but so beautiful....


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