Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: sewing notions

The thrift store is an excellent place to source sewing notions!  I usually find notions in lots, done up in plastic bags, or sometimes in boxes or baskets.  (Always peek inside shoe boxes at the thrift store.  Always.)  I usually find these lots priced very cheaply.  If the price of the lot is about the retail price of one or two of the items inside the bag, I buy it.* 

Like zippers.  Once in a while, I find a giant ziploc bag stuffed with zippers for around $2 or $3. If I were to shop at Joann's, a couple of zippers would easily cost me $3.  This batch of zippers was a mere $2.  BOOM.  Bargain.

and the cute wire basket was $1.99... it's going to become another project soon!

A great tip from a facebook fan -- be sure to do a sniff test before you purchase your notions!  They're unusable (and therefore not a bargain) if they stink like smoke, mildew, mothballs or the crazy cat lady.  I don't purchase them if they smell funny.  These notions, however, passed the sniff test with flying colors.  :)

don't you love the packaging?  and 30¢ for a zipper?!

The most common type of sewing notions that I tend to find are bundles of bias tape, hem tape and lace.  I use these in sewing, but also for packaging, art projects, collages, and crafts with the kids.  Multi-purpose!

these notions + basket = $1.00

Not as common. . . bundles of trim, like this adorable micro rick rack.  Loooove the rick rack.

Sadly, I almost never find buttons.  I'm jealous of you lucky people that find jars and buckets and crates of Granny's vintage button collections.  So not fair.  But I'll keep hunting for them anyway.  And you should, too!  Save money, score some uncommon notions, and get sewing with your new-to-you thrift store finds!

*OK... I totally sound like a hoarder.  I should clarify -- I buy it IF it's something I can and will use, and IF I don't already have a bajillion of them.  For example, I found a shoe box full of new, in-the-package knitting needles last week for a few bucks, but passed on it.  I don't knit.  See?  Not a hoarder.  Or is it WILLPOWER OF STEEL?

What is your favorite or best thrift store notion find?  Brag away in the comments below!  :)


  1. I find amazing deals on kids' books! It's SO hard not to buy because we really DO NOT have the room! But I am such a sucker for books....

    P.S. Love the new look of your blog! :)

  2. Hi Connie! What a great score on those craft items. Especially the rick rack, it's my favorite, too!!!!

  3. Love the new look of the blog! I don't ever look for notions in the thrift stores (colored glass is my favorite to hunt) but I'm always jealous of your finds! Thanks for sharing the tip about the sniff test!

  4. The new look is beautiful!!!

  5. I am always so jealous of your thrift store finds. I never have such luck here. :/

    I love mini rick rack but your picture of the zippers on spools is just too much!

  6. I buy my patterns and zippers at the thrift store. Also most of my crochet hooks come from there. Cherrie


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