Saturday, September 17, 2011

The spirit is willing. . .

. . . but the flesh is, well, very tired from growing another human being.

35 weeks (and a very proud and excited big brother!)

I am feeling very creative, overflowing with new ideas and designs, but my eyes literally begin to droop as soon as I sit behind my sewing machine.

Or if I sit anywhere, really.  Oh, and thanks to pregnancy brain, I've lost -- LOST! -- my lovely fabric to make the Weekender / diaper bag!

I'm so frustrated and broken-hearted about it!  I even paid my daughter to clean / organize / scour my sewing room, and hopefully locate the missing fabric -- all to no avail!  (On the bright side, my studio does look quite lovely and tidy now.)  I suppose I can use some other fabric I already have in my stash (and can see from here, so I know exactly where it is). . . .

Maybe I'll use this?  Red piping, natural handles?  *sigh*  it's just not the same....

So I have made zero headway on my sewing to-do list, and his birth date is rapidly approaching.  Maybe with a nap or two or three, I just might be able to squeeze some sewing time into my weekend. 

But I need a nap first.


  1. It's probably in the freezer. Or the linen cupboard. Never mind. The blue looks great too. And two diaper bags never hurt anone. I am sure you will find the fabric as soon as you start back to normal life. It always happens to me! Cherrie

  2. LOL...connie, I had to laugh when you said, "pregnancy brain and you've lost the fabric". I've only had 1 pregnancy but I remember being so scatter-brained the whole 9 months. I guess that's why I only did it once, LOL!!! HOpe it turns up soon. Looks like baby will be here soon; he won't care if you have a blue diaper bag or a diaper bag at all :-)


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