Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage pear embroidery pattern

I'm taking a break from whining about how tired I am and how lazy I feel... to bring you this sweet little thrift store find!

I love the bright colors of this embroidered tea towel!  I'm assuming it's old, and I'm assuming it's vintage.  (If it's not, someone please correct me.)

Unfortunately, as you can see, this piece isn't in very good condition.  Stains and age discolored the towel, and the floss in the embroidery design is beginning to come apart.  (I personally like that it appears to be used, and had quite a busy life before I found it!)  I decided to trace the design, to preserve it and maybe make a fresh little pear some day.  And I thought you might like it, too... so I've uploaded the pattern for you to use! 

(Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing the pattern.)

At the bottom of the pattern, I've included the original stitches used in the design.  Some of the stitches are so loose, I thought the outline of the pear was actually a chain stitch, and not the stem stitch!  So please feel free to use whatever stitches make your heart sing.  I hope you enjoy the pattern, and share it with your stitchy friends, too!

I'll be back later this week to give you a quick update on my Baby Monkey Sewing progress.  And it will be quick, as there isn't much progress.  But Baby Monkey himself is making lots of progress and growing big, so I'm not a total slacker.  ;-)  See you soon!

37 weeks and oh-so-swollen!


  1. 37 weeks was when my son decided he'd had enough BBQ sandwiches and forced his way out.
    You look beautiful.

  2. I am so glad to find this pattern! My Sister-In-Law loves pears, so this will embellish some placemats and dish towels!!! I have the variegated floss, and ready to stitch up some gifts!!

  3. I'm sure they will be beautiful! :) Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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