Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage pear embroidery pattern

I'm taking a break from whining about how tired I am and how lazy I feel... to bring you this sweet little thrift store find!

I love the bright colors of this embroidered tea towel!  I'm assuming it's old, and I'm assuming it's vintage.  (If it's not, someone please correct me.)

Unfortunately, as you can see, this piece isn't in very good condition.  Stains and age discolored the towel, and the floss in the embroidery design is beginning to come apart.  (I personally like that it appears to be used, and had quite a busy life before I found it!)  I decided to trace the design, to preserve it and maybe make a fresh little pear some day.  And I thought you might like it, too... so I've uploaded the pattern for you to use! 

(Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing the pattern.)

At the bottom of the pattern, I've included the original stitches used in the design.  Some of the stitches are so loose, I thought the outline of the pear was actually a chain stitch, and not the stem stitch!  So please feel free to use whatever stitches make your heart sing.  I hope you enjoy the pattern, and share it with your stitchy friends, too!

I'll be back later this week to give you a quick update on my Baby Monkey Sewing progress.  And it will be quick, as there isn't much progress.  But Baby Monkey himself is making lots of progress and growing big, so I'm not a total slacker.  ;-)  See you soon!

37 weeks and oh-so-swollen!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The spirit is willing. . .

. . . but the flesh is, well, very tired from growing another human being.

35 weeks (and a very proud and excited big brother!)

I am feeling very creative, overflowing with new ideas and designs, but my eyes literally begin to droop as soon as I sit behind my sewing machine.  Or if I sit anywhere, really.  Oh, and thanks to pregnancy brain, I've lost -- LOST! -- my lovely fabric to make the Weekender / diaper bag!

I'm so frustrated and broken-hearted about it!  I even paid my daughter to clean / organize / scour my sewing room, and hopefully locate the missing fabric -- all to no avail!  (On the bright side, my studio does look quite lovely and tidy now.)  I suppose I can use some other fabric I already have in my stash (and can see from here, so I know exactly where it is). . . .

Maybe I'll use this?  Red piping, natural handles?  *sigh*  it's just not the same....

So I have made zero headway on my sewing to-do list, and his birth date is rapidly approaching.  Maybe with a nap or two or three, I just might be able to squeeze some sewing time into my weekend. 

But I need a nap first.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just for today....

Every day, I wake up, and receive my gift:  a new day.  I may have an entire day, or I may have part of a day, or maybe just a moment, but I don't know that when I open my eyes every morning.  I must make the most of this gift of one day.  A blank sheet....

tiny embroidered book mark on reclaimed linen

What will you choose, just for today?

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