Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too much inspiration

Have you entered my Get Going Greener Giveaway yet?  Here it is!   (8/28 - giveaway has ended!)

I've been wanting to decorate our bedroom for some time now. . . and as nesting kicks in, this desire is becoming almost frantic!  So as I work my way slowly through this process, I wanted to share with you my starting point(s) -- my inspirations.  In-progress shots to come later!  (All I've done so far is clean my room.  And just doing that feels like an accomplishment!)

Years ago -- like, 11 years ago -- when we were renters, I came across this dreamy magazine spread in an edition of Country Living . . .  

you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it

I was immediately drawn to its warm, welcoming feel.  I love the colors, the natural elements.  I do wish I had saved the other pages of the spread, but I think it's pretty amazing that I've held on to this one page for eleven years!

But then, last year, I came across this ridiculously kitschy painting at the thrift store. . . .

this photo really doesn't do it justice. . . it's quite pretty in person
I fell in love with its simplicity, and its cool, relaxing colors appealed to me.  It feels calming, and at this point in my life, I need calming.  ;)  Now I also want to design our room around that painting.

So -- now I have two conflicting / contrasting color families.  Should we go warm, or cool?  Can the two be joined together, with happy results?  I'd like to have the cozy feeling of the first photo, with the natural and rustic touches joined with the cooler, calming palette of the painting.

So here's what I'm thinking. . .
  • pale butter yellow walls (they're already this color -- and I really don't want to change this)
  • wood floors and furniture (existing, and in a warm, aged oak stain)
  • natural elements such as storage baskets, decor
  • maybe some rustic elements thrown in for good measure
  • an absurd pop of red (our microsuede duvet)
  • curtains in the above fabric, matching the painting's colors (The print reminds me of leaves, too!)
  • accent pieces such as artwork, a large framed mirror
  • vintage linens
So -- what do you think?  Can I make it work?  Or is this a decorating train wreck waiting to happen?  Any design tips for a decorating novice like me?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

(PS... Many thanks to all who have entered the giveaway so far!  I'm blown away by your kind words and your fantastic comments.  Your going greener ideas are excellent!)


  1. i always think of yellow as that special, essential decorating colour. It gives the warmth to almost any scheme. Blue and yellow go well together as evidenced in French Provincial colour schemes so I think you can do well by matching the two. I would suggest darkening the tone of your walls a tad and perhaps looking at a differnet curtain though. It seems a little on the light side for the warmth you are after.

  2. I think it can totally work! My craft room is actually a warm yellow with accents of cool blue and pops of pink so I don't see why your scheme wouldn't work! In fact, I think the blue will tone down the red accents nicely! (It all looks so YOU!)


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