Thursday, August 4, 2011

f r e s h new eco-friendly line

It's finally here -- my fresh, new line!  I'm so excited to get to share it with you now!

new market totes. . . .

squishy-soft lavender pillow sachets. . . .

even something for the kitties!  (complete with organic catnip). . . .

This line was inspired by. . .
   summer and the outdoors and even this heat wave:  the sun-washed colors: cool on the skin, soft in the hands.
   by my family:  sun-kissed freckles, romps through dried grasses, dips in the pool in the hot evenings.
   by picnics:  sturdy, roomy and practical, the totes are ready for trips out and about!
   by the recession:  again, sturdy and practical, yet pretty and unique.  Use again and again, for years to come.  Reasonably and fairly priced for snug budgets. 

I'll be adding just a few more items to this collection.  More totes, more sachets (balsam!) and I'm working on a new grocery tote, too.  This will be a very limited-time edition, due to me getting such a late start on it.  Really, I'm already late getting started on fall, back-to-school and winter lines!  But I'm just going to do what I can, and do my best at that.  :)

Besides, growing a baby boy these days is taking up a lot of my energy.  Can you believe he'll be here in 9 weeks?  NINE WEEKS!!  Now that's exciting, too!

Pippi update. . . .

Still saving up for her surgery.  Getting closer, though!  She seems to forget about her leg most of the time, until she tries to walk on it (OUCH) but she has adapted as well as can be expected.  (Please note that all cat toy sales will go towards paying for her surgery.)

And that giveaway. . . .

I didn't forget!  I'll announce details tomorrow, so I'll see you then!

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  1. LOVE this new line. It's so... Fresh! For real, I do really love it! I was telling my husband that you should really price your stuff higher, it's totally worth it. You're amazing!


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