Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craft swaps: Good-bye for now

If you're looking for the Story of Naughty Pippi, you can find it here.  :)

I'm taking a break from craft swaps.  Maybe a permanent one.  I'm not sure yet.  But definitely a long one.  I have so many projects for my family that I'd love to complete, ooohhh, sometime this decade, so I feel that I need to focus more on them now.  Plus, that little Baby Boy Monkey of ours is coming in just a few short months, so I'd better get crackin' on his layette! 

My last Craftster swaps were the Baby Onesie Swap, the Pregnant Mama and Newborn Swap, and another fun embroidery Hoopla Swap.  (You can see my posts on the Baby Onesie Swaps here, here and here.)

As for the Pregnant Mama and Newborn Swap. . . .

I received these cute items from my sweet partner, knittychick:

Clockwise, starting top left:  a nomad swaddler -- genius!; a reversible nursing cover, complete with pockets; hand-painted burp cloths; a nursing station caddy.  All of these items are crafted in colors I LOVE, and are so cute and practical.  They'll be getting a lot of use when Baby Monkey arrives!  (You can see a picture of the nomad swaddler in use here, if you'd like.)

And I sent my partner these. . . .

Wait.  Let me please apologize in advance for the crummy photos.  I finished the last item (the diaper bag) at 3 am, and then went ahead and packed everything up in a hurry so I could get some sleep.  Sooo, the photos.  Not good.  But you'll get the general idea. . . .

Top:  a soft ABC animal book.  I embroidered a little something on each page, to add a tactile element to it.
Center:  screen printed onesie.
Bottom left:  large swaddling blanket, with an embroidered sea turtle in the corner.
Bottom right:  gathered clutch, lined with rip-stop for moisture resistance.

And the big grandaddy item:  a 2-in-1 (2-and-1?) diaper bag!

photos by knittychick

First: I did not invent this bag.  I was inspired by this bag, which was on my swap partner's wist.   I made a bag I could handle making, that would serve the same basic purpose.  The purpose being that each bag could be packed for a separate child, and when the children were together, the bags were snapped to each other and carried as one bag.  When the children were apart, the bags came apart, too.

This project was actually pretty simple to make.  I made 2 identically-sized totes with adjustable straps.  I winged the bag size -- just tried to imagine a good, large, practical diaper bag size.  I attached a tab with strong magnetic snaps to each tote, so they could snap to each other.   Lots of pockets on the inside, with a large slide pocket on the outside, too. 

photo by knittychick

Again, please excuse the photos:  3 am.  Messy workspace.  You know.  But I'm so happy that my partner loves the bag, and is already using it.  :)  (You can see more photos of this swap package, taken by my swap partner, here.)

And that Hoopla Swap? 
Pictures tomorrow.  Prepare to be blown away.

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