Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where have I been?

Just stitching away, away, away, in my little sewing room. . . because of this:

So super-excited!   And it just didn't seem real until I actually held the magazine in my hands!   This has been such a fun experience, and I'm really grateful for this opportunity.  The best part?  I've "met" so many awesome people.   I love the funny or sad or bittersweet stories of furry companions that some have shared with me.  When I'm up 'til 3 a.m. stuffing catnip into tiny mice, those stories remind me that there's a human being behind every cat, and these little toys bring them joy, too.   And that makes me happy.  :-)  Thanks, ReadyMade!

But we are attempting to do other stuff, too. . . .

Like tree-tipping.


And there's still so much to do, but I can't worry about that right now.  I'll just take and enjoy each and every day as it comes, and that's enough for me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More shirt love? Yes, please!

"Cooking College"-bound!

The lovely swap angel, Calabaza, sent these sweet shirts to Monkey 7 last week. He is DELIGHTED, so we had to do a quickie photo shoot. . . .

As you can see, Monkey 7 is quite pleased with his swap goodies.  I love the smiles they bring to his sweet face.  Thank you, Calabaza!

I tried to do this blog post over a week ago, but my photos wouldn't upload.  (Again.)  Maybe one day, I'll pony up the money for a real (read: not free) blog.  I'll think about it.....

Until then, I'll just fight it out with Blogger, and try to be more consistent with my posting.  I've been making gobs of little catnip mice lately, and honestly, not much else.  I'm working on a giveaway, hopefully for this upcoming week.  Stay tuned.... more details soon!  Have a lovely weekend!

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