Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too cute to be spooky

I'm still here!  Really!  And I am doing much better these days.  I even tried blogging yesterday, and again this morning, but something was wonky with uploading photos.  And what good is a blog post without some photos?  (And as soon as I type that, suddenly pictures upload.  Hm.)

(Some of the Monkeys in their homemade Halloween costumes. . . the older kids made their own again this year!  There's Flo, the Progressive girl, two singers from Skillet, and a couple of fiesty ninjas.  And a peek at a kitty cat's left foot.)

The post-that-wasn't-meant-to-be was written about tiny houses, and my obsession with them. . . fabric ones, paper ones, wood ones.  I even joined the Tiny House Swap again, so I could make a tiny house!  (And remember - these houses had to measure less than 4" x 4" x 4".)  But first, let me show you the sweet little house I received from my partner, sazzra. . . .

It even has a tiny light inside, and it flickers through the "stained glass" windows!  So cute.  But I think my favorite parts are the paperclay pumpkins in the moss!

I sent my partner a knock-off of the Amityville house.  It's made mostly from paper and plastic packaging scraps. . . .

The house is wrapped in text from the book. 

Each room has a secret -- a scene or symbol from the book or movie.  But the neat thing about that is only the beholder can see into a room, and only with the aid of a mini flashlight.  I hear it's frustrating my poor partner to no end, who wants to photograph each room (sorry!) but that was really by design.  (Not to frustrate, just the one-looker part.)  ;)  I hear there's a winter/Christmas edition of the swap coming up. . . . I can't wait!


  1. Love the cosutmes! The Flo costume is such a great idea :)

    Those houses are amazing, how fun!

  2. Hi, Connie, the kids look great in their costumes, and theh little houses are so cute! Most bloggers would be as frustrated as your friend at not being able to take a picture of the inside of the house! Tsk, tsk! ;)

  3. Love these tiny houses, Connie! Especially the church. Love swaps, too, but not houses. Don't think I could make one!

  4. Hi just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a special award on my blog, the cherry on top award. So congratulations and feel free to read more about the award on my blog if you want to :)


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