Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I sipped my coffee and perused my favorite blogs this morning, I found myself wondering, "how do these women find the time to do all this stuff?" 

My Monkeys hit the ground running in the mornings, as I drag my tired, old body out of bed to shuffle to the coffee pot.  To be sipping my coffee and reading blogs is pretty much stolen time to begin with.  And then there is school, chores, chickens, etc., until the kids are in bed around 8 or 9.  I then have the evening hours to work, sew, create... but usually, I'm just too tired, or want to unwind.  A lot of unwinding.   I don't have the time to make stuff everyday, and then post beautiful, inspiring pictures about them everyday.  I very much wish I did, but that's not life for me.  I'm beginning to suspect that if I were to accept that fact, perhaps life would be... simpler.  But still:  How do you do it??

So, today, all I have is this.  Tiny lizards caught by tiny hands. . . .

Tiny stitches.

(More on the tiny stitches later!)

So this is all my tiny amount of time blogging will allow for today.  Again, how do you do it all?


  1. You have, what, 8 monkeys? and you homeschool your wonderful family? and you need to ask?

  2. I've often thought this myself! I struggle to keep my sanity some days and I only have two little ones and they go to daycare 3 days/week! The only way I can make it work is to wake up at 4am most mornings (2 hours before my kids get up)...I'm not quite sure how the super crafters/bloggers do it! But really, with 8 monkeys at home and a full-time job of homeschooling you deserve a HUGE "at-a-girl". Any small amount of time you find for yourself is precious! Keep up the great work - I enjoy your blog!

  3. Ditto what thirty-six said. You have 8 monkeys who hit the ground running and you homeschool them all.
    I have 1 monkey who doesn't so much as hit the ground running as he slowly rolls out of bed mid morning and starts whining for me to make him breakfast because he's too lazy to heat up a biscuit in the microwave for 10 seconds.
    Plus, school starts back for us next week - yay! I'm happy and sad at the same time.

    But even so, I still have problem with time management and find I spend WAY too much time on the computer. :)

  4. I tend to only get good at blogging when I have excess anxious energy to burn. I could either have constant exhausting panic attacks, or hit the sewing room or computer while my very easy two year old plays in the living room or takes a nap. I only have one very easy kid, and I'm somewhat freaking out about having another one just because I know it will be harder to hit the sewing room. But I also know that having kids is a big priority for my husband and I, so we'll make it work as God decides to bless us. I'm often in awe of how much YOU can get done. Seriously, Connie, you amaze me.

  5. Oh, I know that homeschooling 8 children takes up most of my day. The computer is also a big time-sucker for me. But you sweet ladies also have work, charities, family, etc. that keep you busy, too! :) You are all talented artists, and I am always amazed at how much you get done.

    Then there are the super-women. Maybe they don't sleep. Maybe they survive on coffee. I don't know. There's Danielle Bean, mom of 8, author, blogger, homeschooler, chicken raiser -- and she has it all together:

    What about Amanda Soule? I stopped reading her blog, b/c of all the mama-guilt I have reading it:

    Or this lovely lady, rearing 6 boys, homeschooling, blogging, teacher?

    I suppose I'm just wishing I had more hours in the day. Thanks for listening, and for being so supportive. (((hugs!)))

  6. I feel the same way!!! Those bloggers make their lives seem so perfect and lovely. Leaves me feeling old and tired and grungy. :)

  7. They are probably miserable. LOL! I know they have to wish they actually had more time with their kids. I don't manage it least not well...unless I am not online and not crafting my brains out and not trying to run a shop. When I am with my kids, everything runs more smoothly and EVERYONE is happier, not just the kids. Momma too!


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