Friday, August 13, 2010

Out of control, and a new plan

I was sitting in my sewing room last night, and I looked around.  It's approaching Hoarders status.  Floor to ceiling stacks and bins and piles of fabrics.  So many beautiful fabrics, untouched.  Many have been hanging around for 3, 4, 5 years.  Why?  It's so wasteful. 

And earlier this week, a friend asked me how much we spent on paper towels every month.  I cringed when I told her we go through a bulk package at least once a month.  That's A LOT of paper towels.  Again, so wasteful.

So, I've decided to address, no, attack my stash, plus our addiction to paper towels.

I've compiled a list on the left-hand side of my blog detailing my plans.  I'd love it if you would follow along and cheer, or scold, if you feel the need.  I hope you'll be inspired to get creative, crafty and thrifty, too!  I'll also be sharing links and tutorials for these projects as I find them.

One little project I've already begun. . . .

I made a little batch of reusable snack / sandwich bags for a swap yesterday. 

Some are lined with white cotton fabric:
And some are lined with hot pink rip-stop:

All have velcro closure, and are washable.  And all fabrics were from my stash.  These are so incredibly easy to whip up, that I can't wait to make our familiy a whole mess of these.  I winged these, constructing them as I would my zipper pencil pouches (just without the zipper.)  So easy!  Here's a tutorial that's similar to how I did mine, if you'd like to make some for yourself!

I'm looking forward to your comments, suggestions and ideas on my list and stash-busting efforts!


  1. What a great undertaking! Can't wait to see how this evolves!


  2. I think that's a great plan. I've thought about making several sets of cloth dinner napkins and getting rid of the paper ones.

    We don't use alot of paper towels though.

    I've also thought about making the reusable sandwich bags but was afraid my son would think they were girly. (boys are so weird)

  3. Awesome tutorial as always! Oh If I had room I'd be buried alive with fabric and craft stuff, too!

  4. Oh, I adore fabric scraps. I use them all the time to make rolled roses, or other fabric flowers.

    Love the snack bags! I have some a friend made me, and we love them. So handy.

  5. yes, paper products are *so* wasteful but for big families, they are *so*'s a hard thing to give up!
    however, it's worth it, i think.
    i love your plan. you could sell a bunch of your fabric, too..or swap some of it for things you need...that'd be a good way to decrease the amount, free up space and stress. you'd, of course, save the fabrics you like best and make the things you want to make from them.
    just a thought.

  6. So funny because I have the smallest stash in the world...I buy to use mainly and don't really keep a lot (other than some precious Liberty and my AH Birdseed). I need to make some of those lunch pouches, just because they are sooooo cute!!

  7. AWESOME IDEA!!!!!! i have oodles of scrap pieces of fabric as well as boxes and boxes of fabric that i have collected over the past decade. lots with the price tag attached.. like the light blue denim fabric that i have over 12 yards of that was only a $1 a yard. ;)

  8. How about making some tote bags (for the grocery store) out of old T-shirts? I think I saw a tut on Instructables... Pretty easy to come up with something of your own though... ; )
    Great blog! And I LOVE your monster wrangler! Saw a pic of him on Flickr (which led me to your blog!).
    Take it easy

  9. I bought some really cheapy wash cloths at Walmart a couple years back and I use those for most of my spills and clean ups. I go through about 3 or 4 a day sometimes but it's less paper towels to use. I just keep a bin of them in a cabinet and grab one when I need it. Good luck! I can't wait to see how you do! And cute snack bags :) I was worried that the snacks would go stale in the snack bags. It would be great if you could let us know how the snacks hold up in the bags.

  10. Cheap washcloths are great! My sister passed down her supply from her kids when they got older. They're great for sticky syrup fingers or ketchup/bbq sauce. My girls are 12 & 14 and we still use them instead of paper ones on many days. I say, I'm doing laundry anyway, whats a few more things! Cloth napkins can be used over by just rinsing & hanging in the sun.


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