Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life is going along....

Not too much excitement, but just enough.

Monkey 5 found this little guy in our yard!  We let him go immediately, of course.

Some good news. . . .

in the cold, clear spring water at Balmorhea

Christine is doing very well.  I think we are finally close to a diagnosis!  Her new specialist believes that she has been misdiagnosed (again,) and a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan are on the horizon!  Your prayers are being heard. . . . thank you for all your prayers, words of encouragement and support.

More news. . . .

Those chickens. . . .

Roosters: 15, Hens: 5.  Yep, we miscounted, and the two wayward roosters have been granted a conditional reprieve.  As long as they're behaving, they're welcome.  And they're behaving very well these days.  Still no eggs from the hens.

I've been sewing. . . .

. . . a few items for the shop.

Plus, a crochet hook holder for a friend. . . .

I used this pattern.  It's so well-written, and a lot of fun to make!  A beginner could easily master this project.  If you crochet, or know someone who does, you should definitely try this pattern!

In the sewing room, I've unboxed my fall fabrics, and am so excited to begin working on new totes and pouches in fun fall colors and textures.  I foresee lots of coffee and Etta James in store for these sewing sessions!

Oh, I'll be giving an update on my Stash-Busting progress this week, so please drop by again soon!  Have a lovely and blessed Sunday!


  1. Yay about your girl!! Such a cute little lizard. Sorry about your the new crafty creations you've been making. :0)

  2. I so hope your girl gets some definitive answers, how frustrating for you all! The crochet tidy is SO cute! I love the snaps at the front, looks so professional!

  3. It took me a while to figure out the toad picture and then I immediately went into "EEEW! It's a toad!

    I'm so glad to hear that your daughter is doing better. :D


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