Saturday, August 7, 2010

And recently.... a bit of construction

Another fairly random post about stuff going on around here.  I hope to get back to some craftier posts soon, but until then. . . .

Last week, my skilled, creative, and very generous family blessed us with a new roof and ceiling for my laundry room.  The laundry room is actually a small building right next to our house -- not attached to the house at all.  I know.  It's odd.  But it works.

Anyway, it was a total laundry shack. . . 

. . . with the ceiling drooping and leaking, and scorpions falling out of it.  Yeah.   Awful.   I'm glad I don't have any before pictures.  I probably wouldn't share them anyway if I did, it was that ugly.  But now I have a strong, insulated wood ceiling, and a shiny tin roof on my laundry room!  It's sooo much nicer, and I can't wait to paint this room.  Maybe hang a banner, some curtains.  Is it silly that I want to decorate in here, just a little?  (A HUGE thanks again to my dear family!  I appreciate and love you all so much!)

And then yesterday. . . .

I whipped up this bag for myself. 

I've sold a couple of totes similar to this one in my shop, and I just loved them.  I wanted to make one for myself, so I cut the fabric for this bag two years ago.  TWO.  YEARS.  AGO.  And I never got around to making it.  That's pretty sad, if you think about it.  What was I waiting for?  I'm really happy with how it turned out, and from now on, I plan to make myself a pretty little thing every once in a while.

And last night. . . .

I finished the bag just in time to take it to the Rock the Desert concert! 

Skillet!  Yeah, here I was waaay in the back with the old folks.

My teen daughters have been planning, stalking, talking and dreaming about this event for months now.  I expected to hear some decent music, and come home with a headache, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I had a wonderful time with my lovely daughters, and heard inspiring testimonies and beautiful music.  I am already planning, stalking, talking and dreaming about next year's concert!


  1. I would totally decorate that laundry room. You could make some shelves from MDF (super cheap!) that are chunky and modern looking, then paint them white. I'd paint out that aweful 60's paneling in some pretty relaxing color - like sage green. Then, of course you could make some curtains or maybe hang some blinds. You could even frame some kid art in black frames with mats to make it look really professional and you'd have an awesome laundry room.
    Go for it!!

    (Can you tell decorating and redecorating is my favorite thing?) LOL

  2. Oh, that's great. I have always wanted to go to some concerts with my kiddos, we have a lot of the same tastes in music. Happy for your new laundry room, of course you should decorate it, why not!? Life is better when you have sweet things, pretty things, things that you enjoy and things that make you happy when you look at them...

  3. I have just started following your blog this last month. Love it! I, too, think you should decorate you laundry room. Laundry is such a mundane task that beautiful things around you make the task that much easier. You could frame some of your more favorite pieces of fabric to add color to the room and paint the frames to match your color scheme. Can't wait to see your after pictures. Create away!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! I'll definitely decorate, and you have offered so many great suggestions. I particularly like the idea of framing fabrics (of course!) (And welcome, Reena!) :) I'll be sure to post after pics.

  5. Gorgeous laundry, what a wonderful family you have!!


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