Saturday, August 21, 2010

Changes: chickens, sewing, and crafting

Out of the twenty chicks we purchased this spring, which were plainly labeled "pullets," by the way, thirteen of them were roosters.  THIRTEEN.  And they were very mean, very aggressive, always fighting to be top rooster.  They began attacking the Monkeys and me, so it was time to make some changes.  The Dirty Dozen of Evil Roosters had to go.   I had to remind myself that this was for the good and safety of my family, and for the good and health of the flock that we are keeping.

Now that the mean roosters are gone, the change in our hens (plus the one remaining rooster) is incredible.  Night and day!  They're so docile and gentle, and are pleasant to be around.  Maybe now the hens can sit in peace, and have a moment or two to actually lay an egg.

Another change. . . .

Dryer sachets are back!   I've had so many requests for them, that I've decided to bring them back to my Etsy shop.  My sweet sister is helping me with them, otherwise, I could never keep up with everything.  I am ever-so-thankful for her!  (pssst... there's a "secret" sale code over on my Facebook fan page, if you're interested!)

And yet, another change. . . .

Decluttering my sewing room, I've uncovered some interesting, forgotten supplies. 

So, I whipped up a little batch of homemade deodorant!  I've been wanting to make it for quite some time to replace store-bought, chemical-laden products. . . . 

This recipe is so easy to follow, and it took maybe 3 minutes to make.  The deodorant is creamy and soft -- not gritty at all!  (Just my personal preference, I will add a tad more baking soda to my next batch.)  And so far, in 100+ degree heat, it works great.   Since I used new-found stash, I've added this recipe to my Stash Buster Link section!  (I've added it to my Stash Buster To-Do list, because I plan to make more deo, and try my hand at some lotion, too.) 

Now, I'm off to work on a few little nest boxes for our hens.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So glad you are doing the sachets again. I love those.

    Too bad about your chicks! I can't believe more than half were roosters! I am glad the remaining hens have settled down.

  2. I'm sorry about your chickens being mostly roosters! :( We have 16 chickens and they actually all turned out to be females! What a surprise. I guess it depends on who is checking because some people are better at it than others.

  3. hi! This has nothing to do with chickens or deodorant, but I couldn't find another way to contact you & I can't remember my craftster login -
    for your wallet tutorial - do you know what gauge of vinyl you use? Or if you don't know, is it a heavyish weight or a lighter weight?

  4. Welcome, soren! :)
    I'm sorry, but I don't know the gauge of vinyl I use. I almost always bought my vinyl from the remnant bins, so no labeling was on the vinyl. I do prefer the medium-thickness vinyl. I have tried all gauges, and like this thickness best. The heavy ones are difficult to sew, don't want to fold/bend, and tend to tear the paper. The lightweight vinyl is pretty worthless... the vinyl will tear, and doesn't offer much protection for the paperback. The medium is easy to sew, bends fairly easily, and holds up for years. One of the original wallets I made for my sister back in 2007 *just now* bit the dust. These are fabulous, and I hope you try your hand at them!
    Thanks for dropping by!

  5. This is the first time I've read your blog, and I love what you're doing and why you're doing it!

  6. Hi there! The shop looks great! And I can't believe that handmade deodorant works... maybe I'm just an extra sweaty gal, but I purposefully stopped using Rx deodorant because I thought it can NOT be good for my health. That much chemicals for me. Will HAVE to give this recipe a try :) thanks!


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