Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lately I've been rushing around, hurrying, procrastinating, worrying.  I'm trying to remember to breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.  That helps.

Monkey 2 has had a severe relapse, and could use some prayers.  (My new readers can read about the beginning here and an update here.)  We have more, new doctors added to the team, but still do not have a diagnosis.  I know there are so many people out there with sicker children, worse circumstances, scarier prognoses.  I try to remind myself that we are truly blessed, and every day is a gift.

Sewing helps, too.

I've been stash-busting like crazy.  Most of the pouches in my shop now are made from fabric I've had on my cutting table for 2 or 3 YEARS.  It feels great to be using them up!   Although, I'm a little sad to see this one go. . . .

And this one, too.  I wish I had yards of these fabrics!  But that's the nature of using reclaimed materials, I suppose.  You have a limited amount of it, and you make the best of it.

Kinda like life, and everything else.


  1. Praying for your daughter!!! I know how it is to some extent. I have kiddos with a syndrome that includes eye involvement. Have they looked into Stickler's Sndrome? Seeing a genetists might help, they are great "diagnostic sleuths", and might be of help. Keep us updated, okay? I just started reading your blog and we have a lot in common! We have a bunch of kids, homeschool, and love to sew. Your sewing is lovely!

  2. So sorry to hear about your monkey - not sure what is adequate to say but you and your family are in my thoughts and heart!


  3. Thank you Ma & sophie!

    Ma, we haven't seen a geneticist yet, but that's a very good suggestion., I'm not sure why we haven't seen one yet! I'll bring it up at her next rheumatology appointment. I'm sorry to hear that your little ones (and you) have to go through something similar, too.


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