Sunday, June 20, 2010

I think I love West Texas

When you think of west Texas, you may picture cacti, dusty pastures, mesquite trees and oil rigs. That's what I pictured, when I heard we were moving out here last November. And I wasn't wrong. West Texas does have all of those things -- but there is so much more.

I realized this arid region has its own beauty, and maybe you have to look a bit harder, or a bit closer, to find it. But it's here, and it's amazing.

I was first pleasantly surprised by its amazing sunsets. . . .

Then its clear blue skies and warm winds. . . .

All the little owls, road runners, horned toads that elude my camera. . . they're like little gifts I'm surprised with each day.

We also discovered that there are many letterboxes hidden out here. We paid a visit to the Odessa Meteor Crater last week, and found one hidden there!

The actual crater isn't what most people would expect to find, but I found it very peaceful, relaxing and so ancient. I'm looking forward to going back out there and spending a bit more time. . . maybe even without the Monkeys.

Last week, we also made a short trip to Monahans Sandhills State Park with some of our extended family, to play on the dunes and (again) letterbox.

It's really a unique and fun place to visit, and we're all looking forward to going again very soon.

We also travelled a couple of hours southwest to Balmorhea, nestled in the foothills of the Davis Mountains. (Watch the video at the Balmorhea link!)

Balmorhea is the home of San Solomon Springs, a crystal clear artesian spring that pumps out millions of gallons of cold, fresh water per day. There is so much water, that after irrigating the town and all of the nearby farms and fields, it still provides more than enough water to fill and replenish the 3.5 million gallon pool we swam in! It's truly beautiful, and feels like a place far removed from the dusty desert where we live.

Monkey 7 is pictured above, with the pool in the background (just behind the picnickers under the trees.) Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the water, or the Monkeys in the water, because of this Monkey. . . .

Yes, that is Owen, wallowing in the dirt. He hated the water. At least, he hated it until 10 minutes before we had to leave, and then he wailed because we were leaving. Never a dull moment with this child!

We plan to visit Balmorhea again this summer, at least once, and then venture up to the Davis Mountain State Park for a day or so. I can hardly wait!

So although I do miss the trees, hills and streams of north central Texas, I am enjoying all the hidden treasures of west Texas. I'll keep you posted on more finds. . . .
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad, and to my sweet husband! I love you both so much!


  1. Your trip to Balmorhea sounds like it was loads of fun!

    Monkey # sounds a lot like my daughter. We can't get the 2 of them together because the World may never recover. ;)

  2. Such beautiful photos Connie - I love the sound of that natural spring, how amazing!


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