Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to work

We enjoyed our little staycation, and now it's time to [reluctantly] get back to work. We homeschool year-round, so it's also time for back to school.

For school, I whipped up a bunch of zipper pouches for the kids, using both new and reclaimed fabrics, mostly scraps. Each child received a bunch of new pens and pencils, and a box of crayons, most of which are already missing. (What do they do with them, eat them? Seriously!)

I have gone back to work in my shop, as well. I'm working slowly, but I'm enjoying it.
But oh, this messenger bag. . . .

I constructed this messenger bag from 100% reclaimed materials. It's a smaller messenger, about 9" square, and patterned after this one I made. I think I'm going to stick with this size, as opposed to the larger ones.

My favorite part? The map print fabric for the lining (once a men's shirt.)

And of course, the usual eco tote, also constructed from 100% reclaimed fabrics. . . .

More totes and bags are on the cutting table -- I'm getting ready for Etsy's Christmas in July Sale. Should be fun! Now, back to the grind stone. . . .


  1. Oh, I love the new messenger bag. Just the right size, too! BTW, Bethy loves her zipper pouch!

  2. I love that new messenger bag, it's awesome!! Aren't your kids so lucky to have you sewing up such gorgeous pouches!!

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  4. I love the messenger bag! and the small pouches were so cute ^^ I need to look at your other posts too I think, maybe I can borrow some ideas from you and try to make my own stuff...

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the messenger bag! The map lining is amazing!

  6. dude i LOVE the map thing. so inspiring... makes me want to go sew...

  7. Are you going to make more messenger bags, and if so, for how much?


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