Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keeping busy keeping chicks

Thank you.

I am truly humbled and grateful. I am blown away by your kind words, prayers and support. I am especially touched by the very personal stories you shared with me. I read each and every comment, through blurry eyes. I am truly blessed by each of you. Thank you, all, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness and sharing. You have made this burden much easier to bear. Thank you.

Now, about those chicks. . . .

I've been keeping very busy these past few weeks. Keeping busy seems to help me emotionally. Plus, these little critters weren't getting any smaller. . . .

We purchased 20 red pullets in mid-March. I am amazed at how quickly these gals grew! We had to build them a safe pen, and pronto. Remember this eye sore?

We decided to use this as a chicken coop for our new little flock. I spoke with the previous owner of our property, and she said this had been a chicken coop before they owned it -- about 30 years ago.

We reused as much of the existing structure and materials as we could, and only purchased what we absolutely had to. We removed the existing steel roof (to reuse). . . .

The rotting wood beams had to go, of course. The remaining beams are cedar, and although very old, they're still very sturdy.

Meanwhile, the gals were growing. . . .

We replaced most of the beams with new lumber, and reused the steel poles and panels. . . .

This was a great family project. . . . I had lots of help.

And the gals kept growing. . . .

Next, we framed out the walls, and attached chicken wire. We reused the door from the infamous aviary.

Finished! The chicks are so happy in their new home. . . .

Well, almost finished. We still need to build a little hen house, or at least some nest boxes, by the end of summer. The pullets won't be laying eggs until around September, so we have a little bit of time until that has to be done. I have to admit I'm pretty proud of this. We've never built so much as a dog house, so this is really exciting for us! I enjoyed working side by side with my family, and I enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather. All in all, another blessing!


  1. Great job! My brother has a small "ranch" including a neat little chicken coop. They love to eat their own farm-fresh eggs!

  2. Lucky chicks. :) That must've been a great experience for your kids, too.

  3. I was just thinking about you last night. Glad to see you back! The chickens look like such a fun project . . . a good excuse to spend lots of time outside this spring and summer!


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