Friday, March 12, 2010

A very happy mail day!

Yesterday was a yucky day. Paid the bills, extreme morning sickness (all day,) cranky little ones. But then the mail came, and my day was transformed!

I received a fabulous package from my amazing partner, Troublet! We're in this swap over on Craftster, and this is what she made for me. . . .

A bottlecap pincushion in my favorite colors and theme! Lovely. . . and much too pretty for pins.

An apron! It's the perfect size and length, and she used one of my favorite fabrics from my favorite designer! Not only did she send this cool apron, but she made me a matching hair bandana -- AND sent me some yardage of this fabric as well!

But my favorite item is this lovely embroidered art piece of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There is so much detail and care put into this design. . . .

I am in awe of her stitching! Check out the metallic stitches! This is not an easy floss to use, and her execution is flawless.

Here's a shot of the entire package. . . .

For more photos, you can visit the gallery here.

Such a day-brightener! I can't wait to finish her package (and show you all what I'm working on.) Thank you, T., for the lovely, thoughtful and perfect package!


  1. Concerning the morning sickness: Have you tried Preggo Pops or Preggo Pops Drops? I used to get them at Motherhood Maternity and those things were AWESOME!

  2. So beautiful! I am sorry you've been sick. Nothing ever helped me and I tried every remedy ever known to man. Even those preggie pops...didn't work!..but they may for you, who knows!?

    Connie, by the way, I've joined Craftster..I was interested because of all your posts. I have no clue how it all works, could you email me and explain what I need to do?

  3. Beautiful pack...and the colors are sooo cheery!
    My cousin married in a church called N.S. of my old School, PIos xII, N.S. of Guadalupe had a chapel dedicated to her : )

  4. What an amazing package, everything is so beautiful. Sorry about the sickness, have you tried sipping on ginger tea with a little honey?

  5. Connie, I'm so behind on reading blogs; congrats to your daughter on her ETSY shop. If she is talented like you, she'll do well. and the big congrats is to you for a new BABY on the way!!! wow!!!! that is fabulous. Hope it all goes well......


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