Monday, February 8, 2010

Sewing away: cloth diapers and a giant bag

Sometimes you just get in the mood to sew, and sew a lot.

I whipped up 11 diaper covers yesterday, from reclaimed fabrics and stash. I had been using gDiapers, and they're great and all, but it seemed like I was doing a lot of laundry -- 3 separate pieces for each diaper change. I used cloth prefolds for the insert, as I couldn't justify the cost of disposable inserts. I think I'll keep using them for outings (because of the waterproof lining,) but for home, I'll stick to this simpler method. . . .
For several days, I tried just using a cloth prefold. No wraps, covers, soakers, anything. I really like the simplicity. The only drawback is squeamish teens and dad with pins (no snappi here!) and a very strong and wiggly baby. With these diaper covers, we just lay a prefold inside, and velcro the cover closed. Easy! Although a diaper cover is a bit more laundry, everyone is more comfortable using them. Plus, they're cute and very snug. . . which the prefold cloth alone was not.

(Look at that naughty boy click-clicking on my facebook! I'm not responsible for those posts! hee-hee!)
I need to make about another dozen or so. Very easy to make, and cheap, too. I used Rita's Rump Pockets Classic pattern (free!) and just left off the pocket. I found that her pattern for a diaper cover was too small, or just "off" somehow for a good fit on Owen. The Classic pattern is perfect for him.

More sewing. . . .

This is a new design, an eco market tote, and I'm really excited about it!
It took forever to make. Sometimes new patterns/designs just do, I guess. It's made from reclaimed denim and floral fabric, and the interior is new Amy Butler Honeycomb cotton fabric. It's a huge bag! I'd like to make myself one some day. . . .

More sewing is planned for today -- more diaper covers, and I think I'll be making some flower hair pins, too. Red and pink would be pretty, and just in time for Valentine's Day.


  1. I just really love your purses and bags! You have a gift for making them. I love mine, use it all the time. I wish you could make me a smaller bag, though, as Gracie gets bigger and I no longer need SO much stuff. :0)

    Love the diaper covers...I used a snappi and prefold for Gracie...nothing else (at home) and it worked well. Why don't you want a snappi? They are great!!

    You sound like me, I've been so busy sewing and crafting for the kids and myself and it's just wonderful not having to put *everything* in a store anymore. :0)

  2. Those diaper covers are wonderful. And if you managed to bang out eleven then they must be at least kind of simple yes? I remember when Wednesday was in cloth, I did fitteds and not prefolds but I only used covers when we were outside. Part of the luxury of being a stay at home mom I guess. (Did I just say something about diapering was a luxury?!) Can I ask why you choose not to use snappis? And do your covers fit perfectly around a prefold without having to fasten?

    Also, that bag is mah-voh-luss. It is very rare I like reclaimed denim, not sure why but your bag is seriously pretty.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments on the bag, ladies! This one turned out just how I imagined it. . . always a bonus, right?

    The snappi -- I was being cheap, and had pins laying around, so I just used what I had. I'd love to try a snappi, but now, with these covers, I don't have to fasten the prefold at all, so no need for one. :) These covers do fit perfectly around them -- very snug.

    Jenn, you're the one that inspired me to simplify! I remembered you telling me about just using prefolds, so I thought I'd try it. Thank you!

    Melissa, the pattern is VERY easy. I suppose these "covers" are technically fitteds. Most have a terry, flannel or fleece lining, so that would work. Thank you -- you just saved me more laundry! LOL! Seriously, I use prefolds with them b/c Owen is a terribly heavy wetter. He goes through at least a dozen a day. (IS that heavy? I don't know....)

  4. I have just stumbled on your blog and I just wanted to let you know how much I love your sewing. I too am on a sewing new from old kick at the moment and love it when I come accross someone else doing the same. Very inspiring. X

  5. I keep getting drug into the idea of cd'ing! I was going to go the g diaper route but ended up using disposables. I am a little worried about the gross factor! Maybe I should whip one of these up and try it out! THanks for posting!

  6. Very cute diaper covers, indeed! I know what you mean about sometimes getting in the sewing mood and pumping out a lot! In the past few days, I've made five t-shirt and shorts outfits, one long sleeve shirt, two short sleeve shirts without matching shorts, and one more long sleeve shirt in the works!

  7. ooh, BOOKMARKING! We're going to try Gdiapers when our little dude arrives in April and making some of the covers by hand will save a TON of money!

  8. What a sweet little bumm. Makes me want to pat it.

    I love your new tote bag! It's gorgeous. Maybe you'll think about making small totes though? For those of us who try to carry as little as possible.


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