Friday, January 8, 2010

Recycled compost bin

We have about a half-acre behind our home. Part of this area was once a horse pen (I assume) and is fenced, has a barn and storage shed, and is near the house and a water source. This land isn't run over with weeds, just some native grasses. I think this will be an ideal location for a garden come spring. I decided to build our compost bin in the southwest corner of this lot.

Also on our property, in the front yard, is this giant aviary-thing. I don't want this here. . . I'm envisioning a pretty garden, maybe a prayer garden, in its place. This thing needs to go.

To get an idea of the scale of this thing, my 15 year-old daughter, who is taller than me, posed next to it!

I decided to use parts of this bird cage monstrosity for the compost bin (and maybe later, for a chicken coop.) It's already framed, and wire mesh is attached -- perfect for the compost bin. Here are some of the inner doors we removed and are going to use for the bin:

Very simple construction. Four-inch wood screws were used to attach the doors together to form a square. I know it's not the recommended "one cubic yard"-sized bin, but it will work for now. We fashioned a tube of chicken wire for a ventilation/aeration tunnel. . . I read that it helps the matter decompose faster. The chicken wire was removed from the picket fence in the front yard. (Yikes!)

Lots of friendly support!

Done in less than half an hour! Removing the doors from the aviary is what took the most time. Now, to fill it up!


  1. Good for you! You're on your way -- how nice to have such helpers too!

  2. looks great! we have always wanted to make one...maybe we will this year. :0)

  3. We desparately need one in our back yard. We had one at our old house but just haven't made one here. Your's looks great. I'm glad you had so many helpers. :)

    I love your bags too by the way! So pretty!

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  5. I like the chicken wire ventilation tube, I haven't heard of that before. I might try something like that on mine. Hope you get lots of good compost for that garden.

  6. Thanks for the encouragment, all!
    Betty, I read about it on the Dirt Doctor's website. Just google "dirt doctor," then search "compost bins" on his website. There's an entire forum just dedicated to these bins! Interesting reading!

  7. I found your compost bin on the internet. Are you still on the same property? Can you update us with information on the bin and maybe some pictures. Thanks


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