Sunday, January 10, 2010

My sewing room is finally unpacked AND clean!

A little tour of my little space (because someone asked!) We'll start at the doorway, and look to the left, then we'll turn right:

A rescued-from-the-trash wood hutch, some of my fabrics, thrift store storage cart, a hand-embroidered tunic of some kind (anyone know?) to disguise the hot water closet a little.

Blue thrift store chair, denims and WIPs below, black & whites and tans above, on found-wood shelves (collaged with vintage book ephemera.) I need to hide that breaker box!

Temporary window covering -- a vintage silk scarf my sister picked up in Hawaii, I think. The non-functioning bamboo shade was already here. . . I'll be replacing it soon with some fabric curtains.

My work surface is a large office desk, with drawers, picked up at an office liquidation sale for mega-cheap.

More found-wood, collaged shelves for khakis, corduroys and shipping supplies.

This spool organizer was found in one of our storage sheds -- it's a homemade piece.

An inspiration board made from an old cork board (also found in the storage shed) and covered with scrap batting and a skirt. A vintage thrift store scarf and hanky hang nearby.

This next area sits back in a darker recessed area (and is even more difficult to photograph.) The desk and credenza are also liquidation furniture. The credenza is crammed with teacher's manuals and homeschool books, and functions as a catch-all on top. The office chairs in the space are either hand-me-downs or liquidation pieces.

A project clipboard (reclaimed materials,) an embroidered art piece my sister made, Monkey 6's tiny outgrown glasses (the tiniest pair is only 4" wide,) and one of my children's crucifixes (we have several of these.)

I still need to make curtains like I mentioned above, and I definitely want to paint the walls. It's so hard to see in the photos, but the walls are a dull institution grey. Depressing! Also on the to-do list is installing a fold-down ironing board. There's a blank little space to the immediate left of the doorway, and that would be a perfect fit.

And that's it! I am just so happy that everything is finally all unpacked and clean. The shocker is that I've been keeping it clean. Those of you who have seen my work area in real life know what a huge accomplishment that is for me! Maybe that should be my new year's resolution. Thanks for looking!


  1. Exciting! What a great space to work in!

  2. Very nice! I'm so glad you're all set up! We are currently sleeping on the futon in my craft room since our HOT PINK bedroom is still waiting to be painted blue and have the really nasty carpets cleaned. Currently though, I am painting the living room and dining room. At least my son's room is painted and set up enough.
    I can't wait until I can get fabric in this room!

  3. Hey Connie, I was going to suggest you hang a pic of your kids or a cork board over the breaker box but then I saw you already had a cork board.
    But then hey, you can't have too many. Their so great for sticking pics to.

    Your room looks great! I'm getting the redo bug to repaint my craft room.

  4. I just found your blog, it is amazing! But you know what got me laughing out loud? The Dwight Schrute bubble-head doll (unless I am very much mistaken and it isn't Dwight!)

  5. Thanks for the kind words, ladies!
    @Diana -- you're correct. . . Dwight oversees my work since I can be quite the slacker! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. And I thought I had a lot of fabric. Very organized, and there is nothing wrong with 'recycling' found items.

  7. Your studio is so cheerful! It must be fun to go in their and create something wonderful!


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