Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing fog

We had some freezing fog yesterday morning. This is what freezing fog does: ice crystals cling to everything. The photo above is our front yard/field, in desperate need of some good fertilizer. It's overrun with goathead stickers -- nasty things! I'm hoping the Dirt Doctor will be able to help me with this. He says that the stickers are there because the soil is deficient. Interesting. Anyway. . . .

This poor yucca plant probably doesn't know what hit it. I'd never experienced this until we moved out here to west Texas.

This is the vacant field next to our home. . . I like how the evergreens in the distance are frosty, and how some of the weeds are completely frosted, too.

For tomorrow, the weather people are predicting a high temperature of 64, for which I am really hoping! (It's supposed to get very cold again by Thursday.) I need to build a compost bin as soon as possible, so I'll have at least a little compost come spring for our garden. The land is very difficult here (dry, rocky,) but I've been told it's not impossible to garden. . . just takes a lot of green matter and some attention. I'll try to post a bit about it later, as I'm sure you're eagerly awaiting more posts about composting, right? Right?


  1. I am in East Texas and it looked pretty similar this morning!

  2. Wow! We lived in Texarkana for almost 8 years. . . I miss the trees.

  3. Thanks for posting the pics. I will be anxious to hear about your composting. Also -- I made some of your burnt flowers on headbands and they turned out great. I'll be posting them in a few days with a link to your blog.

  4. Wow. Freezing Fog. I've heard the term but never seen what it actually does. It is actually kind of pretty!


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