Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can this shack be saved?

I'm almost embarrassed to post these pictures, because this is just so. . . gross. It's a shack -- an ugly structure at the back of our property. Dangerous and snake-friendly. My first impulse is to tear this junker down. But, as I learned from the aviary experience, maybe I should contemplate a bit more before I rush in with the crowbar. What do you think?

Below, you can see that this shack is on pipe skids. Also, the wood has been chewed away in some spots, and the gypsum of the interior's drywall is exposed! (The previous owners had horses, and apparently were allowed to chew on everything.)

We do need a chicken coop -- soon, and a large-ish one. Can this wood, or parts of this structure, be saved and used for that purpose? So, my creative friends, what do you think? Salvageable? Not? Other?


  1. "No building is a shack unless it is left so." (quote moi) Imagine how lovely this would look with some clematis or jasmine growing over it and other various size greenery around it. "Plants make the building" (quote moi as well. LOL) Cherrie

  2. Sure, if the wood is still in good shape, you could salvage it and use it for the framing of a chicken coop. Then, of course, use one of those great boards for an awesome sign that you wood burn a neat phrase or saying onto to hang somewhere special! :0)

  3. You'd be amazed what can be salvaged. It will make a great chicken coup with just a bit of sweat and creativity. That reminds me of one of my husbands funnier jokes:

    Why do chicken coups have 2 doors?
    Because if they had four doors they'd be called chicken sedans. (Ha!)

  4. Well, I for one think you are very brave for walking into that hot mess. I grew up in the country and we actually had a chicken coop/house that looked very similar to that. I remember going in there to collect eggs and finding a chicken snake (on more than one occassion).

    There is NO WAY you could drag me into a snake house again in my lifetime. I just don't need an egg that bad.

    Having said that, if you don't use that wood for a chicken house, you could sell it as a supply. People do all kinds of things with old barn wood. My F-I-L makes planters with it.

  5. Wow, I think it's just beautiful, I love old weathered buildings. Your second photo is lovely just on it's own. My husband would have a field day with his camera taking shots of it. I hope you can reuse it. A good part of the recycling movement is to try not to add more to the waste stream, so I wish you luck with rebuilding it. Maybe you can find someone in the deconstruction business to help.


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