Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meet the Happy Chef

I'd say the apron and toque went over very well with Monkey 7, wouldn't you? (Sorry for the crummy mobile photo. . . my camera DIED on Christmas morning, of all days.)

Monkey 3, aged 12, loves to cook, too, and had been asking for a full apron for months. Poor kid. I just now got around to making this sugar skull apron for her. She loves it!

I love french knots.

After the apron, I made Monkey 2 a kitty pillow, inspired by this adorable one. She now sleeps with it every night, also curled up next to our real kitty, Pippi.

I ran out of time to make Monkey 1 a messenger bag, so she received these handmade soap tarts from LolliLucious. (The messenger bag will come along shortly.)

They were so beautifully wrapped, and my daughter loves them. She was a wee bit disappointed when she first opened the box, as she thought they were real sweets! The raspberry truffle is her favorite, and I think the blueberry tart smells amazing.

For most of Christmas Day, we had a peaceful, blessed time together. Unfortunately, our littlest one, Owen, awoke from his afternoon nap on Christmas Day with a 104-degree fever. . . very miserable. He's mostly recovered now, with the exception of a slightly runny nose. I think he had a bout of roseola -- no big deal. I'm thankful it wasn't something worse, or something the other kids "shared."

I hope your Christmas was a beautiful, blessed one as well!


  1. Poor Owen! My mother in law spent Christmas in hospital with diverticulitis, it was so sad not having her with us!! I love the embroidered apron, it's gorgoeus!

  2. I love your simple, handmade-by-momma gifts. They are so lovely and will be cherished for years. Glad you had a happy day!


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